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Do you think there's a chance that gaming magazines will ever make a comeback?

For a gaming print magazine to survive nowadays, it has to be a very niche polished collectors type situation full of deep dives and evergreen content. It cannot have anything like news or reviews cause it will always be dated.
I think if a magazine focused less on news and reviews, then it could create / maintain a niche. Almost like Edge in the #currentyear where it normally focuses on industry articles and interviews.

I think if a magazine featured industry articles and interviews, then it could carve out a respectable niche - even from the perspective of the magazine being a niche publication.

I think someone stated that maybe a magazine geared towards "indie creators" would be nice.

You guys actually want to pay for some purple-haired person to complain about the game being sexist or is not inclusive enough? You can read that trash online as much as you want. For free. The opinion pieces are actually the worst of game journalism these days.

But what about the opinions of celebrated videogame industry types - again like Edge magazine?

Or better yet... We could ask some people from Neogaf if they want to see their opinions in print.

Which therefore makes me ask... How come Neogaf doesn't have its own magazine?

Neogaf could do a yearly magazine that prints the "best of" what the site has to offer... No need to pay content creators, and instead just repurpose existing content... And the production costs wouldn't be that high as a result. It'll definitely be a nice way to reward site users, and will also be a nice branding exercise for the website. Would also help increase awareness.
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what would be the purpose?

News? Gaming news is stale like 24 hours after it breaks. Usually major news stories leak on forums before being officially announced.

Previews? Publishers can release 4K video the instant a game is announced. I have no use for a printed page with little 2” images.

Reviews? YouTube + online articles are a better format for that, and they drop the instant the embargo lifts.

Opinion pieces? Everybody and their mom has an opinion about everything nowadays and is constantly shouting their opinion into the void. The few who are insightful or entertaining enough have built their following online and probably have much better income + control than they ever could have by writing magazine articles.

Gaming magazines are a relic of a bygone era. They have about as much chance of returning as Blockbuster Video
I would say very unlikely in US due to getting everything instantly on internet. I also rely on streamers to point out the bullshit that magazines never will due to fear of losing exclusive early access to new games and ip’s.
Now if someone put out a yearly magazine to discuss a year in review, combined with articles diving into past favorites I would consider picking it up.
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