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Do you consider the xbox 360, ps3, and wii to be retro?


Google image search tells me that the "retro" means that fake 80s aesthetic with purple and blue vector graphics and a rising sun. Retro is a fashion for now that you know when you see it, rather than anything absolute.
It should also tell you that it is a recreation/imitation/homage to something that is old. The word people mean to be using here is vintage, not retro.


I try to be consistent with my retro stuff. I consider 2 generations ago to be retro.
At that point you're not seeing any games in stores any more, the vast majority of people are not playing them or even have them plugged into their tv's.

If you talk to someone about a game 2 generations ago its always about how they USED to play it or how them remember playing it.
No one is playing Resistance on the PS3, or Call of Duty 3 on 360. But they will happily tell you about their memories of playing it.
That makes is easily fit into "retro" for me.


Anything older than PS2/GC/XBOX/DC I consider retro, but that’s probably because that’s what I grew up on.

It’s still hard for me to consider stuff that looks like this as “Retro”
The last couple of retro game shows I went to before the pandemic, it seemed like the DC/GC/PS2/XB era had reached retro status, as prices for games for those systems were going up significantly and all the retro game venderes were starting to sell them. That was also the last gen where CRTs were standard and things like light gun games were still a thing. As for Ninja Gaiden, DOA2, DOA3, DOAX, DOAU and Team Ninja, they came from the future. 😜


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When do we start calling 70's and 80's consoles for vintage? For me, 90's and early 2000's consoles (PS2, Xbox, GC) are retro.
I don't think 2 generations apart are enough to call consoles retro - 3 generations seems more appropriate.


I recently setup my PS3 on a new 4k TV and it's surprising how modern it feels. Clunky menus aside, it has most features all new platforms do and even at 720p many games still look very decent. It's hard to think of it as retro yet.
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I know it sounds crazy, but in 2005 the super nintendo was retro. Now we are the same amount of time away from the 360 as we were from the snes/genesis in 2005. Its reasonable to suspect that pswii60 can be considered retro. For refference i was borne in 1990, my first game console was a super nintendo.
I too was born in 1990, but for whatever reason the PSWii60 generation feels like yesterday to me. My opinion, maybe in a decade; I'm sure those consoles and games will feel a bit older to me.
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There was no consensus SNES and gen were retro I'm 2005, people were still arguing if NES was retro yet at that time along with 7800 SMS.

Id say in another 6-20 years those consoles will be retro, than ,5 years after that the 3DO, JAG, SAT, PSX will be. Generally you want 35-40 years to pass for the original version of retro gaming to apply.

Like how disco is retro or funk, those were. Soon 80's stuff will be retro in some years.


Yeah I always think of 2d as retro. Then early 3d for PS1 and PS2. Thinking about it I class 360 and PS3 as the hd era. I think of the wii as an anomaly, maybe casual era It's very wishy washy. What are ps5 and series. The 4k era?
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No, the games are still too close to modern games (compare far cry 3 to far cry 5... Battle field 4 vs whatever battlefield we have now).

The difference is that games run and look better...
Why are you here?
Because why do you care who considers a game/console "retro" or not? You have people who sperg out if you consider anything post 1999 "retro", as if we're still in 2004 and PS2/NGC/Xbox is still "current gen".

If you go by release date, than yes the 7th gen is VERY fucking old it's been 15 years since the PS3/Wii/Xbox 360 released! And guess what? in 2023 the 8th gen (WiiU/PS4/Xbone) are going to be 10 years old!

Anything that's a decade old is by definition old so it's "retro", and don't you dare use the last game released on that system came out in 2xxx because the NES was considered "retro" in 1995 and in that same year the last ever official NES game was released!
Is FEAR a retro to you?
to me not even close, I think a game budget with a talented devs overshadows it's time line , that just proves you how many dated games released in the last 5 yrs.
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