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Divide your library into adaptations vs original videogame ips. Which side has the higher average quality?

Which type of game had the higher average quality(in your opinion, of course)?

  • Adaptations

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • Originals

    Votes: 21 95.5%

  • Total voters
A lot of really good games are adaptations, whether from novels, shows, movies, comics, etc. Overall though, they probably count for a tiny fraction all of games made (licensing costs and all that).

Still, I thought it would be cool to see whether people have, on average, more quality adaptations than original ips in their library.

While the result would seem obvious, the fact that there will probably be very few adaptations (as well as every subpar game weighing negatively on that section) makes the question of average quality interesting.
Of course, quality is subjective so this is all in your personal opinion.
aint nobody got time for that GIF
Originals, by a landslide.
Obviously, originals.
You absolutely certain?
every subpar game weighing negatively on that section
I mean, I know this is a console-centric forum but some of you have to have picked up some meh games on sale now and then(which were most likely originals)

While the very best games are, of course originals, most adaptations tend to be "AAA", the average library that has The Witcher 3, Metro: Exodus, recent Batman and Spiderman games, Alien Isolation, Star Wars Games, and the Shadow of Mordor games alone probably has a decent amount of meh games in their originals, tilting the balance to adaptations, no?

I don't know, it was a fun thought experiment


I'm sure there are more but off the top of my head the only adaptations that are even in the ballpark of originals are the Batman Arkham games.
Adaptations = Licensed properties?

Licensed games used to be a dirty word in the industry until Arkham changed the perception.


I play the adaptations more, because the reason I buy the them is because they are more to my taste. Of course, the originals are also great


I was a kid back when every single fucking movie got a PS2 game and adults thought that kids loved that trash so they constantly gave it as gifts. So obviously the originals in my library are better. Just look at this shit:

I have dozens of games like this.
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