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Disney Is Open to Indie Game Developers Using Its Properties


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Speaking to IGN, SVP of Walt Disney Games Sean Shoptaw said that Disney was happy to work with "the best" developers, specifically those who came to them with interesting ideas or interpretations that hadn't yet been done. When asked what was meant by "the best" and if it included indie developers as well as big-budget, AAA titles, Shoptaw confirmed that all were welcome... and hinted that there may already be something along those lines in the works.

"Obviously we work with a lot of big AAA partners like Ubisoft, like Bethesda, like EA, and we'll continue to do that," he said. "But we are very open to quality regardless of size, right? So if they're strong indie that has a real passion and a vision for a story of ours, or a character or ours, or anything in our universe, we are all ears. I think that you'll see stuff coming out over time here that really will back that up. So yeah, it's not just about the big guys. The big guys, those are really important partners of ours, as I noted. But we're hoping to work with a broad set of partners across the world."

Luigi Priore, VP of Disney & Pixar Games, said that in some cases, a big AAA game might not be the best avenue to tell certain stories or focus on certain characters.

"An indie storyteller, a creative could work on another property within the Disney and Pixar collection of IP in a different way," Priore said. "Those smaller indie kind of experiences that are more personal... I think those are opportunities too."


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"Uhhh guys, we kinda suck at making games out of our licences, can you do it for us?"

Imagine being on stage with Kathleen Kennedy, presenting your new Star Wars game and the crowd asks if Luke Skywalker will have a big part in the game and you literally know 100% he won't be in it except for 2 minutes at the end and Kathy takes over like:



It's a strategy that worked well for Games Workshop, giving a license to everyone and their dog. It gave them truckloads of money and free brand awareness.
Yikes, give less experienced/funded developers the Star Wars license to make some shitty pixelated rogue-like or sidescroller. C'mon Disney.
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huh? as far as I know working with Disney got a bad rep which is why there have not been recent games that use Disney IPs. They wanted to control everything during development and at the end they wanted to have all the profits; or in other words the dev had to get screwed


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Meanwhile at Disney

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They'll let indie devs make their games but if the game does well they'll buy up the studio and use it to pump out garbage sequels and mobile trash.

Disney and video games have a crazy roller coaster of a past. Some of my favorite games growing up were Disney games like Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers, but some of the worst games I ever played were Disney games.

Fare thee well

Even if they allowed an indie dev to work on something like Star Wars, the original vision would get so gutted by those suits that come in and police the direction and content. Just look how disney managed their animators' vision and content with the original movie premise to the Emperor's New Groove. The music too! Sting was such a good sport 😄
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Rumor is that the Pirates of the Caribbean expansion for Sea of Thieves is the first of many collabs between MS and Disney. Guess we'll see soon enough.

Also, gimme a sequel to the 'Brave' game from the X360 era. Seriously...that game was 🔥.
(Not joking...check it out)
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