Dino Crisis coming to PlayStation Plus Classics Catalog, PlayStation Store banner suggests

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Dino Crisis coming to PlayStation Plus Classics Catalog, PlayStation Store banner suggests​

Regina is there, but Dino Crisis is not.

The PlayStation Plus Classics Catalog will add original PlayStation game Dino Crisis, if a promotional banner for the service featuring series operative Regina means anything.

Users can see the banner by logging into an Asia-based PlayStation Network account with PlayStation Plus benefits on a PlayStation 5, as Asia is currently the only region where the new service is available, and accessing the “PlayStation Plus” section of “Game Library.”

Several users on Twitter have confirmed seeing the banner.

Despite Regina being featured in the banner, Dino Crisis is currently not available as part of the PlayStation Plus Classics Catalog, which features emulated PlayStation classics playable on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

The new PlayStation Plus launched on May 23 in Asia, and is scheduled to launch on June 1 in Japan, June 13 in the Americas, and June 22 in Europe. The launch games lineups for those regions have yet to be announced.

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The second one was pretty good aswell, never brought the 3rd as it reviewed poorly on the original xbox. Original resi trilogy next! With trophys, that plus parasite eve and silent hill.
Sadly I played the third. Good call on your part. You missed stepping in dogshit. I, meanwhile, was rolling around in it until the smell hit my nose. Then I kept going because... well... fuck it.


DC1 was sooo good. I also had it digitally on PS3.

Its such a great game. The enemy AI (on Normal mode) was great for the time (I think if you bled, dinos would pick up its trail), and the ammo management was more serious than in RE. Puzzles were also smarter. Choices mattered and would change some events. If it was too much you could however play easy mode, and kill dinos rather easily with any weapon. This game started with the mixing of ammo to create special stuff, something RE3 ran with.
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