Diablo IV Quarterly update (December 2020)

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I just can't help but think cosmetic microtransactions are a huge betrayal to the core spirit of the franchise.
ust like on PoE, expect everyone to look like a brown smudge unless you pony up. And then expect outlandish, immersion breaking cosmetics just because people will pay them.


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I just don't get how anyone can expect anything from modern Blizzard, like what have they done in the last decade to gain such trust from a consumer?

Everything is based on the memories of past glory's, this is not the same company, and until they release a product that a consumer can enjoy without feeling shafted, you should not exspect to receive otherwise from any title they make.
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Ehh, I like others have a complicated relationship with Blizzard, but I can't pretend I won't give it a try if it's not a total disaster at launch.


Fix WarCraft III: Reforged first you motherfuckers.

W:R has probably like 1 developer working on it. It's been months since last patch, the game is still shit and no ladder. Wasn't it promised for mid 2020?

I do have a lot of faith in D4 simply because Blizzard needs a win and it'll pour everything in it. They still release good games, HS expacs are good, WoW is back, OW is doing fine.
However the PR disasters, horrible Reforged, bungled D3 (RoS was great but still) - they have communities they need to get back and reaffirm themselves as a great developer.


i like the direction they are going in, especially making rare's viable again, big plus.

After reading through this i can happily say this is the first time that i have been excited for a diablo game in a long time.

Coming from a person that murdered Mepy and Baal about a gazillion times, this is beginning to look rather good.

More of this, please.


Anyone who thinks Blizzard 2020 can make this game and do it correctly is in denial.
I mean I played Grim Dawn and liked it. And the gameplay trailer of D4 looks Perfect, like literally perfect.

So imma gonna go ahead and put my 99% trust in them for this. Only thing making this even better would be no weekly online event shit just straight up old school super difficult long campaign, but it's 2021, and that is never ever gonna happen anymore.
All I see from these updates is that they still have no idea what they're trying to do, and are still experimenting with every single game mechanic. The end product might be good, but we're still years before that- unless they rush it and it ends up getting released half-baked and still in its experimental phase.
D3 worked very well mechanically. The loot, weapons and skills all had synergy for different builds in each class.

It was just the story that was a pathetic piece of shit. I want a dark, psychological-horror kind of game world. Anyone who played D1 and didn't poo their pants a little bit at "Fresh Meat", is a cold-hearted maniac


I don't understand why people complain so much about D3.

Sure, the story is cartoony, but the core gameplay is pretty fun and i didn't have any problem with the art style.

I have the impression must people that complains about D3 only finished the campaign and never did a any endgame, like Greater Rifts pushing.


How will Blizzard slime their way toward more money with this game? Loot boxes? Another version of the auction house?

I'm guessing that they will sell cosmetics and pets and mounts and stuff. I fully expect an ingame store similar to PoE and i don't like it. PoE is F2P, GGG has to monetize their game somehow. But Diablo IV will be a full-price title...

I just hope Blizzard doesn't ruin the ingame atmosphere with Butterfly wings, rainbow unicorn mounts or teddy bear pets.
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