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DF: Little Nightmares 2 PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S Enhanced Edition - 60FPS! Ray Tracing! Enhanced Features!



- two modes on next gen consoles: beauty, which targets 4K at 30 fps, and performance, which targets 60 fps a5 4K with DRS. RT in both modes, sake visual features.

- Series S: is 1440p max in beauty mode, and lowest the counted is 972p in Performance mode.

- Series X: 4K in beauty mode, in performance mode the lowest they found is 1890p in the same scene as Series S.

- PS5: again, 4K in beauty mode. In performance mode the lowest the found, again same scene, is 1684p.

- The game uses RT reflections on PS5. There seem to be some problem with these reflections on Series consoles, like they've been replaced for standard screen space reflections (despite the devs advertising RT for all next gen consoles). Alex does not think Series X/S are using RT reflections at all. They just don't know whether this is an arror or intended.

-Performance is perfect on PS5, Tom didn't find any drops even in 60 fps mode. Series X is rock solid too but they did encounter a couple of dips not present on PS5. Series S runs at 60 fps flawlessly. The game has some frame pacing issues in 30 fps mode (not too bad).
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  • Rocksolid 60 FPS on both PS5 and Series X. Series X has occasional one-off frame-drops. PS5 is flawless.
  • Dynamic resolution on both PS5 and Series X.
  • Very tough to count the DRS resolution range. Digital Foundry paused a frame with a muzzle shot to count the resolution. Series X had a slightly higher resolution (1890p) than PS5 (1684p) in that particular scene.
  • The biggest difference, however, is ray tracing. Only PS5 is using accurate ray-tracing, while Series consoles are using screen-spaced reflections.
  • Series S has a dynamic resolution range from 972p (muzzle shot scene) to 1440p output resolution.


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Name checks out.


Phone reception is more important to me than human rights
Because THIS is the game to determine a consoles true power?
Its honestly not that serious....

If it helps you feel any better, the dynamic resolution is better on XSX.

Ray Tracing is odd tho....

Because someone told us the XSX is now consistently showing its true power.

So PS5 sacrifices resolution for ray tracing?
That one way to look at it I guess...they also saw a few areas where the fps dipped ever so slightly on XSX and not on PS5.

Bottom line, "its the closest 2 consoles have ever been" and ppl....still....looking for that magical huge advantage.....good luck.
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Phone reception is more important to me than human rights
I'm starting to think the tools situation is like AF was for PS4 games last gen.

Either its easier to get stuff implemented on PS5, or Xbox just have a tools issue going on.
Supermassive ported this to nextgen? Damn, taking port jobs now can’t be great news for the companies viability. Sony help them dammit!
No idea how well the game sold but Until Dawn seemed to seemed to be really popular, at least it seems to be a popular game for streams over the past few months which I know is a long time after launch. I felt Until Dawn was fantastic and it really surprised me so I'd be happy to see them do more work with Sony again. I was thinking about them perhaps doing what they normally do but maybe for one of Sony's larger franchises, possibly even something like Spider-Man as I think tehre's plenty of room for other types of games there.
I've not played their Dark Pictures Anthology games yet although I do believe they are considered to e pretty good.


While it's nice to see that the performance and quality is relatively stable across the board, it's hilarious how Xbox Series do not support Ray Tracing ( for now I suppose?)

Let's see if the major fanboys on social media will pick it up.
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The lack of RT on the Series consoles will be a bug.

Expect DF to do another comparison when the bug is fixed.

And then another one after the bugs in that are fixed, to bring the quality on par with the PS5 version.

And a fourth video to show how the RT exceeds the PS5 version in a handful of specific cases.

And then a final short Twitter post to show how a new update has fixed the frame rate issues that the RT introduced, but DF "forgot" to mention.
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Phone reception is more important to me than human rights
Like it should be in all games…. Order or priorities: Performance > Visuals (RT is here) > Resolution.
I'm just absolutely amazed that the company that actually has Next Gen Framerates in their marketing....the fan base seems to not really care about it.....the fanbase seems to care more about resolution....


is the next gen upgrade free? I am thinking of picking up the ps4 version.
Yup, its free.

First? You been under a rock?
Some ppl like to live in an alternate reality. I dont get it....its not even that serious.


It's the first I hear SSR it's bug ... I don't know why they did it, but it's not a bug, they choice SSR over raytracing on Xbox console. Now of course can replace it with raytracing (at least on series X) but a bug...lol.
I have no ideia how a bug can be a correct implemented SSR… it can be a setting, config or anything else but bug it is not.
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