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[DF] Elden Ring Beta: PS5/ Xbox Series X/S First Look - Quality vs Performance Modes Tested


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
Next gen gang reporting in.
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PS4 gang: its ok we still get cross gen games, no point getting a ps5.
Elden ring:
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Exactly my thoughts as well. At this point, trying to choose a console based on how good one plays multiplats vs the other is a lost cause. There's no argument to be made that shows one console is better than the other overall.

Which really makes these comparisons that get whittled down to the tiniest details completely pointless most of the time. Sure, there's something to be said if something like the load times are significantly faster, or if the framerate is choppy to the point where VRR saves the day. But 99% of the time, it comes down to something like "This or that console is the only place to play this game because it has a 2-3 higher framerate, or slightly higher dynamic resolution" is absurd.

With last gen it was hard to choose the PS4 Pro version over the One X version. Usually it meant 1440P on the Pro and Native 4K (or close to it) on the One X. This time around that level of difference isn't really happening so it usually comes down to others factors (for me) when it comes to picking between two versions of a game. I bought a PS5 first because while do understand the advantages the XSX version has it isn't enough for me to discard the Dualsense. I personally view the controller to be more important this time around when in the past the One X advantages were to big to ignore.
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