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DF: Call of Duty Vanguard PS5 vs Series X/S. 60 and 120 fps modes tested.



Haven't watched the video yet but I'll leave a summary in a few minuted.


- There are still plenty of bugs. Pretendered cutscenes switch from 60 to 30 fps (beside macro block artifacting typical of compressed video). The end of chapter scenes are beautiful, almost movie like in visual quality, but the run at 24 fps.

- 60 fps mode: PS5 and Series X are 2160p DRS/Reconstruction. Both are identical, nothing to tell them apart besides the use of adaptative screen tearing on XBOX consoles right at the top. Series S is 1440p DRS/Reconstruction, but apart from rez is identical too.

-120 fps mode: PS5 and Series X run a a peak of 1536p DRS)/Reconstruction (70% escale on each axis of a 4K image). Series X peaks at 1080p DRS/Reconstruction. The only change in this mode seems to be resolution, but shadow,s, geometry, draw distance, lighting... seem to be the same.

- Performance: in Series consoles we're seeing a predominantly 60 fps in the 60 fps mode. But there are some points where the frame rate tanks (I'm talking below 15 fps), with the frame time going from 16 to 120 ms, which makes the game impossible to control during those moments. Often there's nothing really taxing going on when those occur (which makes me think it's not a GPU bottleneck). Tom thinks it might be related to the checkpoint system. Otherwise the game runs flawlessly 99% of the time, but Series S drops more. PS5 is mostly 60 fps too but those hitches can manifest too, but in a different way: it's often in different places from Series consoles, but even in battle the autocjeckpoint system triggers a sharp hang up in the middle of gameplay for half a second. 60 fps play runs perfectly the rest of the time, which makes that moments stick out.

- In 120 fps most missions outside of the first run smoothly at 120 fps. Neither console locks to 120 fps perfectly and they can dip into de 80s at worst. Put side by side in the absolute worst stress points PS5 wins out with better performance and no screen tearing. But that's not the case for every scene, in some Series X takes the lead, but again with tearing. There's no absolute winner here. The 120 fps mode suffers from the sa e hitching issues. On Series S we see a big drop in performance, closer to the 60 fps line with discrete screen tear. It rarely touches the 120 fps.
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Before even watching
Episode 12 Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


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During firefights even?

This is so stupid.
That needs to be patched ASAP.
Amazed it actually made it through QA.

120fps mode seems to be near random 10fps advantage back and forth between the big boys.
Though honestly once you hit 100fps you are golden.
But I know someone wants to post "anotherone.gif"

Series S didnt really need 120fps mode, its barely getting to 100fps.
90+ is where frame rate differences are hard to notice.
If you are hitting 70-80 you will know you are well under 120fps.
But i guess its better than nothing

P.S They are basically the same with the Series S actually hitting 1440p and big boys doing 4K60.


Can't stand screen tearing. I don't get why consoles don't get a toggle to turn Vsync on or off. Or even an autodetect to turn it off only if you are using a VRR display. Makes no sense in this modern era. Also the loading hitches, wtf, it's like we are back to the PS3/360 Era.
Those autosaves are rough. This is what we get with multiplatforms though. Please patch the game guys. LOL That said, otherwise... interesting to see once again in mostly
unoptimized (for a specific system) games the two big guys going more or less blow for blow. PLEASE FIX THE DAMN CHECKPOINT SYSTEM.


I don't normally play the campaign until months after, still haven't finished Cold War. Played a lot multiplayer at 120hz and that seems fine but I'm playing with VRR.
Hopefully they've fixed this by the time I get to campaign.


No reason for that. This being poorly optimized is the problem. Next gen can look great- see Forza Horizon 5 and Ratchet and clank

While Ratchet and Clank looks great you still need to choose between fidelity and performance mode. And the combined Performance RT mode drops down the resolution substantially. If you want near native 4K, RT and 60fps then you need a PC. Honestly PS4 Pro was a success and I can't see Sony not doing another again. This will be a long generation due to covid delays, long cross gen transition, Unreal 5 taking ages to be used etc, I can see us having a 7-8 year generation with a PS5 Pro in year 4.


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I have a question. Are the CGI looking cutscenes at 24fps running real time in-engine? Very impressive if so as it looks to good for realtime and always assumed it was prerendered video with the series.
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I'm going to hazard a guess, and say the framedrops are because of the large decrease in game filesize, compared to other entries.
There's probably some hard streaming/decompressing going on during those moments; could possible mean they severely overtuned the file size reduction.


Something doesn't add up here nx gamer said the ps5 version ran at a solid 60fps no drops other video's on youtube don't have drops like this.also is there a fidelity mode or ray tracing on off mode also no other video's show the xsx version drop as much someone has got this wrong.


do not tempt fate do not contrain Wonder Woman's thighs do not do not
What a shit show for a copy and paste game. This is unexceptable when all they really had to do is reskin the game.
When its not your engine and/or you dont have experience with it, life can be rough.
Tis why preproduction even with Unreal and Unity in pretty stable states can still be a long process cuz getting things perfect on console is still actually a mission.

Are these auto checkpoints loading transitions that are chugging the game's frame rate?
QA missing something. (Dont worry I still love all you QA guys)
With how fast these SSDs are....unless the game was saving a frikken ~1GB checkpoint it has no reason to slow the machines down like this.

Its likely something in engine that faultily sends interrupts to the CPU to give attention to something that doesnt really require that much attention.......the system might be collecting checkpoint info then it says hey I really need you to collect what the time is like right now right now....i dont care what you are doing tell me what the system time is....so the game loses priority and stops/chugs along till whatever was so important is done.

QA just missed it, and its likely something that silly...coding can be unforgiving.

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Series S owners rejoice!

1440p resolution at 60fps identical to PS5/XSX. Lighting, Geometry draw and shadowing appear identical with the only difference being the 1440p resolution.

Pretty interesting, the Series S is garbage according to some people and 1440p is totally fine.

I wonder if those rules are still in place now.
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