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[DF Article] Is Unreal Engine 5 really the best choice for the next Witcher game?

I sincerely hope the folks at CDPR seek wise counsel from the game development experts at Digital Foundry. Nobody develops games quite like the pros at Digital Foundry.
It's just a talking point, nothing more. We all know that UE5 will be the dominant engine for years to come.


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If this was just after TW3 I might have thought it's a mistake to switch but after Cyberpunk, I guess their engine is just not nearly as versatile and efficient as it seemed. So many things were hacked together, botched and barely functional with super obvious smoke and mirrors that couldn't hide the bs since being FPV up close and personal it had to pack more detail and interactions in diverse situations, not just guy on horse traveling through open terrain (and some castles). Distant traffic billboards and such things were laughable in action, compare to the Matrix demo (or old GTAV!).
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everything using unreal engine gives me flashbacks to UE3, when every game looked super similar for the first few years. you could just tell right away it was a UE3 game.

that isnt really happening anymore... but its still in the back of my head.
Hasn't made a single fucking game, counts FPS of other people works and writes a fucking article without seeing work or footage ....."OH-PEE-N-ONION"...
I'm confused, did you just describe DF, Twitter, Neogaf, Era, 4chan, or Reddit?




I'm just wondering how a game like the next Witcher's gonna be made on UE5 when Nanite doesn't even support foliage rendering yet.
Nanite wouldn’t apply to the foliage but would still apply to the terrain and buildings. There are plenty of examples showing nanite environments that still have foliage.


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As others have said, you dont need nanite to render foliage. You can look at dozens of UE4 forest demos to see just how well they look even in 4-6 tflops GPUs.

The real problem is going to be what Bioware faced with Frostbite. Introducing RPG systems in a new engine from scratch. The engine they have right now needed to be scrapped and rebuilt but i can promise they didnt have to rebuild everything. They will now need to officially code every single system in the game from scratch.

Expect this game to be out in 2027 at the latest.

All that said, it is the best way forward. It's time for custom engines to go. UE5 is a league ahead of anything ive seen and their nanite tech will one day support foliage. Everyone needs to stop rewriting their own engines and just start to license these things, and focus on game development instead of engine development.
*cough* Cryengine and KC: D *cough*

Could have been way more. But it's pretty good still, but it had to be done from scratch.


Probably a more rational choice from a business and technical standpoint than sticking with red engine at this point.


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Someone created a package with a full on options menu in-game, enabled console, and DLSS, DLAA, all in UE 5.1

Thanks. Lets hope this demo doesnt crash on me like every other demo has so far.


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Makes sense to me that they'd move to UE5, it's extremely impressive, the resources required to match it have gotta be more than significant
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