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Developers are moving away from Battle Royale towards Escape from Tarkov like modes...

Multiplayer gamers, what has the brighter future? Battle Royale or Extraction (Tarkov)?

  • Battle Royale has the brighter future.

    Votes: 20 36.4%
  • Extraction (Tarkov) has the brighter future.

    Votes: 35 63.6%

  • Total voters


Is it a meme or something like this? Because fortnite has a team DM mode (I played it years ago, but I know it's still there)
It's joke, but there's real-life inspiration. A friends now 10yo boy got the latest COD after growing up playing Fortnite, Apex and Roblox.
His reaction to COD TDM was very similar to what The_Hunter wrote in post #21. With the addition that he could play solo without having to build a team.

Maybe the TDM mode in Fortnite isn't as popular or accessible as you think? I dunno, never touched the game.
theres really only 3 viable BR games. When there should be way more. BR isn't dead until we have a good Star Wars BattleFront/Battlefield/Halo BR game

f***ck i want a damn Destiny BR.


No. Just look at the player numbers, battle royale dwarfs this escape stuff.

Is there a free to play or ganepass game with an escape mode?


When I hear Extraction, all I can think about is the Halo 4 game mode, which is kind of like a blend between Assault (bomb) and Territories/Strongholds.
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