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News Destroy All Humans! Update 1.08 Adds Support For 60 FPS On PS5


Sep 16, 2017

Destroy All Humans! Update 1.08 Adds Support For 60 FPS On PS5​

Destroy All Humans! Update 1.08 Patch Notes​

  • 3 new free skins (all platforms): Ain’t No Man, Worst Nightmare, Midas Touch
  • PS4 patch to unlock FPS restrictions (this will help players on PS5 as well)
  • X1X patch for improved details
  • XSX patch for improved resolution and details
  • Silhouette fight tweaks (all platforms)
  • Decreased difficulty on the final boss fight

The game did previously run at a locked 30 FPS on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. There were no enhancements for the game on the mid-generation refresh of PS4 and Xbox One. The ability to run at a higher frame rate means this should be able to go up to 60 FPS on the PS5. Keep in mind that the resolution was confirmed to be native 1080p so unless that has been updated, it will stick to 1080p at 60 FPS.



Apr 17, 2015
Played this at 4K60 on PC, was excellent fun, its a fantastic port and I love the way it looks. There were some trouble spots that caused microstutter for seemingly no reason but I just learned to live with it by swapping stutters for tears with adaptive v-sync.

The maps were surprisingly dense and had so many hiding places for those probes, I had to resort to a guide for the last few because I ran around Roswell for an hour or more and couldn't find the last few. The abduction missions were hellishly tricky sometimes, you really had to be on your telekinesis game to get the "gold".

Its a shame if it stays locked to 1080p, I reckon around 1800p would be possible to maintain locked 60, I was just being stubborn going for native 4K because the game was super clean when you added on those extra ~2.5 million pixels.


Apr 16, 2009
The notes read kind of weird, so does it allow the PS4 version to also run with an unlocked framerate or only the PS5?
I ask as I imagine a variable framerate wouldn't be a particularly good way to play on PS4 for a lot of people, unless you can turn the cap on and off.