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Destroy All Humans! (2020) - The Invasion Is On July 28!

IGN is basically the worst thing that ever happened to gaming. They are trying to destroy an honest, well done, cheap, no-drm remake. F them.
IGN reviewers are so predictable that they gave this game a 7/10 and I know it has more to do with the series being a cult classic. Like you know exactly how they're going to score certain games before they hit the market based on its popularity and not so much what unique or genuinely enjoyable qualities that it has to offer relative to other games. A remake of a game from an era of gaming when games were still honest and unapologetic and allowed the player to problem solve levels.


As simple as it may be, I think it's cool that as you encounter new enemies in missions, they also start showing up in the exploration mode.
Decided to order this at Best Buy today. Can't wait to try it out!

Currently the game is on sale for $20. I also received a $10 coupon from BB this morning. If you are a My Best Buy member check your email for that coupon.
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