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Deconstructed Sonic music is... something else


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We all know (or should know) that Sonic games have killer soundtracks. But the classic ones, being pure digital midi compositions, have a special freedom in composition that recorded music has not (yeah I know about samples, still I think there's a difference).

Anyways, there's this thing of listening deconstructed music where you actually listen every piece individually and you get to appreciate each part as they are (thing that it's really hard listening to the song as a whole) and step by step, listen how they mix with each other (specially percussion and bass lines < 33) until making the final song.

For musicians at least, this can be a great educational source or just something to appreciate the real work that's under the surface.

Anyways, there's some examples of my favourite classic Sonic songs that I enjoy a lot listening to deconstructed.

I cant help it but love to know each instrument line is and how they end up mixing in awesome songs : 33
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