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DEATHLOOP Review Thread

A hell of a lot of people out there saying that this is massively overrated....

That it's not tight and is way too easy..... ACG, Supanova, Sophia above and pretty much everyone Ive talked to...which is about 6 or 7 people have said it's anywhere between a 6.5 to an 8. Most said about 7.

I'd believe that.... there seems to be a huge push behind this game from the media. Of course the fact that it is easier probably makes it more attractive to media types.

The level design is praised.

If you don't appreciate good level design, how you can approach each situation differently, you won't find it anything special.

But if you get a kick out of it, you will love it.


It’s always hilarious when a game reviews really well and some people just can’t handle it and insist on trying to take it down.

There’s some console war bullshit going on in all of it, for sure. It’s a great game. Is it a 10/10? No. But it is a solid 9. Great exploration and investigation. Cracking gameplay loop. Interesting story. Original structure. Cool multiplayer.

Some folks just need to get out of the way of their prejudices and expectations.


Just completed it yesterday. I want to share a couple of thoughts that might help someone. Don't give up early on, the learning curve of this game is huge and also, you start with no weapon and skill and that makes the first few hours of the game extremely tedious and frustrating to play. But once you gain new skills and weapons, the game transforms into something I have not experience in the longest time.

I absolutely loved the game and its mechanics. It plays very well and I realy enjoyed solving the mystery behind the loop. and btw, this is coming from someone who wasn't a fan of Arcane Studios. I just never liked their previous games. This game has definitely won me over.

I don't think this is a 10/10 experience as some critics have rated it but I think this is a solid 8.5 or even 9 IMHO. Excellent game! Do give it a try!
I finished it last night. It's pretty good. I liked it more than Dishonored, which I didn't really care for, but not as much as Prey, which I loved.

I honestly don't see how IGN and GameSpot thought this game was worthy of a 10. I don't mean that to insult the game, but there is nothing here that screams "amazing" or "masterpiece".

But, it's a fun, short, single-player FPS campaign. Hopefully, we can out the "rougelike" discussion to rest finally, as the game is nothing like a rougelike.
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My final review for Arkane Studios' "Deathloop"

I received a copy of this game for free from Arkane Studios for both PlayStation 5 and PC. Despite this - I have provided what I feel are my true and honest opinions of the product in its current state.

This review was created in a way that is intended to avoid any spoilers, and therefore will not cover any late game material specifically - though my criticisms still apply.


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I finished this game and it was a solid 7.5/10

What I liked:
1. The banter between Colt and Julianna was hilarious
2. Excellent story and progression.
3. Solid level design, but not Arkane's best by any means.
4. Fairly challenging at times. If you died, you had to restart the entire day. No checkpoints or autosaves.
5. Not a whole lot of handholding.

What I didn't like:
As fun as the game was, it was one of the most frustrating and infuriating experiences I have been in a long time. The game needs many quality of life fixes that shouldn't alter the experience, but remove some of the tediousness.
1. Stealth was at times broken. Enemies could see you from a mile away and they would all converge upon your location no matter how far away you were from the action. This created major Havok at times.
2. The die and restart the loop thing made for a challenge, but it started to get old when the above issues reared their ugly head.
3. Julianna invasions got REALLY aggravating at times. That was a huge part of the game, but I found it created far more frustration than fun, especially towards the end.
4. You are stuck with the loadout you choose at the beginning of the map and can't change it. This was downright infuriating when you accidentally started a level with the wrong loadout. It meant you either had to complete the level with the given loadout or quit the level and progress into another day with the preferred loadout.
5. Enemies would just swarm you if you were spotted and it was insane how many kept appearing.

Some major quality of life fixes I'd like to see in future updates.
1. The ability to switch weapons/powers after you start the level. Have it in the tunnel. maybe even make it a one time thing so you don't have to repeat the loop when you are trying to do a perfect run. Or give players the option to restart the map so they can pick a new loadout. You could exit the game and it would restart the map, but you were still stuck with the same loadout. No reason that can't be fixed.
2. Have the option to turn off Julianna invasions after you complete the main game once. Caused wayy too much frustration when she would appear when you were trying to stealth your way through an area and do some trophy cleanups. On Fia's reactor level this was a whole new level of frustration.

Those two things would alter the experience.

Stuff I'd like to see in a sequel.
1. Have more ways to end the game instead of doing the perfect day. The game had one way to get to the ending. It would be nice to have a game where there were multiple ways to get to the ending.


Sony make cringe trainers.
As predicted, the game continued falling down those GOTY lists. Will be forgotten quick, still taken a back by the push behind this game, 2021 will be remembered as one of the worst years in gaming.

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The game being a cakewalk explains why most critics love it.

Yep, imagine playing an immersive sim where stealth is not rewarding at all, the AI is dumb as a rock and combat is just brain dead easy. Whats the point? I mean IF the conclusion of the game, the ending, was some incredible revelation or some big thing then yeah maybe but it was fucking shit lmao. Still it was fun to play and there are bits of good Arkane level design in there but ugh.


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The game being a cakewalk explains why most critics love it.

Thanks for the link, I'll watch this on my lunch today. I always enjoy SkillUp even when I disagree with him, I'm guessing he's probably got some good points here.
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It was boring for the first couple hours, exciting for a few hours in the middle when you build your arsenal and do the quests, then slogs down into the most repetitive grind in recent memory when you start trying to do all the things in the right order and restart the entire process every time the most minor step goes wrong.


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While I think he makes some good points, for me Deathloop is gaming's Avatar (2009) lol. I can fully see it's faults and shortcomings but I still enjoyed it immensely from start to finish. Is it a 10/10? Fuck no. Could it have been better and more ambitious? Sure! However I thought overall that it was very fun and engaging. Yeah the AI was shoddy to say the least but I never had that big of an issue with it as I was always trying to play stealthy and only resorting to gunplay as a last resort.

One of Arkane's most flawed games for sure but even when they're at their worst they still blow half the industry out of the water hehe.
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Finally this game ended up where I predicted it will: in the "too much noise for nothing" bin of gaming history. RIP and hope I'll never hear of it again.


I finished it yesterday and it was a solid 8/10 for me, but I think the 10/10 GOTY hype definitely had an influence on my overall opinion of it. The game is nowhere near that level IMO, even if it does have some neat ideas.


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Picked it up on Sale a week or so ago. Finished up Guardians of the Galaxy last night so I think I'll jump into this next. I've yet to play a straight up BAD Arkane game in the last 10 years or so and I straight up adore Prey and Dishonored so I look forward to this quite a bit.


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I take time to explore, the world (which isn’t as memorable as the Rapture from Bioshock) and I could see why it’s easy to fall in love with the characters. Also the awe of the loop dies fast. I’ll post a GAF LTTP write up soon.


Finally this game ended up where I predicted it will: in the "too much noise for nothing" bin of gaming history. RIP and hope I'll never hear of it again.
It’s currently number 3 on the list with most GOTY awards. THIS GAME WILL HAUNT YOU TO YOUR GRAVE.
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