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Death in the Water 2 - Underwater Horror Action FPS


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

While the FPS genre has remained a mainstay of the medium for the longest of times, it's only in recent times that the genre's popularity has experienced a resurgence of sorts. Once a genre brimming with multiplayer-centric military shooters, the first-person-shooter genre now encompasses a wide range of experiences - from horror games to arena shooters to RPGs and many more.

Leading the charge for bringing about this FPS revolution can be credited to the many indie and AA studios that have shot to fame in recent years - largely thanks to streamlined development tools and the rise in popularity of digital publishing platforms like Steam. The future is looking as bright as ever for fans of the FPS genre with games including but not limited to Death in the Water 2 looming right over the horizon.
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Why are the sharks just evaporating? They aren’t even attacking.
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Love that they introduced mythical creatures into the game. It'd have been cooler if it wouldn't have been spoiled though.


Looks neat! I got a decent case of thalassophobia so I'm always interested in any book, film or game that's set in an underwater type environment. Will keep an eye out for this one.


Looks interesting, and the animations and models are nice, but I'm not into the whole survival arena thing.

Man, I miss the Endless Ocean games. Just swimming around big underwater environments trying to "catch em all" for science was a very chill gaming experience. Every now and then though, you'd come across an area with dangerous creatures and the tension would ratchet up a few dozen notches... even if the sharks only attacked you with their tails, which is hilarious.

I'd love a spiritual successor with these levels of visuals and animations, but I get why a two-man studio wouldn't have the resources to pull that off. An arena survival shooter is much more manageable in scope. Some day though...

I still have to play Subnautica, which seems like a kind of midpoint between EO and Terraria. It'll have to do.
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