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Dave Chappelle: Sticks and Stones | Out Now on Netflix


Not usually. This was just a terrible set by a bitter old man who can’t stand being admonished for being hateful. There’s much more evidence though that he’s actually an incredibly talented comic, orator, and storyteller. This set was just a lone turd in a pool of Baby Ruth’s.
The guy isn't that old and I've never found him to be all that hateful. I'll agree that this was a turd. He seems to do better when he is like having a conversation in his routines but this seemed more like a rant.

Thinking back on the show I can see what he was trying to do with this routine but it falls flat. Make some random jokes, then talk about the lgbtq stuff, and then give a moving performance at the end. Unfortunately his talk on the lgbtq stuff should have been told in such a way to make it so extreme that most normal folks would laugh at it and then get serious about his old friend in order to bring everybody together.
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Dave Chappelle will either be caught having an affair with a transgendered
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This is good but I have to agree with the consensus, it is on the lower end of his specials. I'm not surprised at the snowflakes losing their minds at Dave's jokes. Which is ironic because he didn't even go hard on them as other groups. Hell, he showed a lot more empathy than any one group in any of his specials.
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