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DarkHorse Podcast w / Heather E. Heying and Bret Weinstein


Dec 7, 2008

Your Questions Answered - Bret and Heather 65th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream​

00:00 The dog has a question…
01:28 What if the vaccines don’t work with COVID mutations?
05:44 How do we end junk science?
07:17 Will succession lead to violence?
11:00 “Equity is the same as reparations” comment
12:49 Has language impacted the rise of transgenderism?
16:00 Thoughts on homeschooling
20:54 How cool is the green room on the Real Time set?
29:57 Could Jar Jar Binks have evolved?
32:16 How much would a lab scientist know about the virus?
34:57 Weasels
35:38 Is the WHO investigation into the lab a real investigation?
38:15 How do we measure equality of opportunity?
44:55 Life arose quickly after the earth cooled – why did it happen only once?
47:38 Some lovely comments
49:25 How did they create a vaccine so quickly?
52:24 Is beer healthy?
53:22 Are high heels lordosis behavior?
54:31 Gamestop reaction
56:18 Knock knock…
56:54 Why are more stillborn babies males?
59:21 We should be looking at emus!
59:48 More details on the lipid nanoparticles
01:01:31 Where do you see humanity in a million years?
01:07:56 Echinoderms and sea cucumbers
01:08:43 Run for president?
01:09:09 Tim Pool – political opposites?
01:09:47 Comment on Unity
01:10:51 Note on carnivore and inflammation
01:13:36 How do I help my son with poor attention span?
01:16:44 Play and children
01:18:47 I don’t trust the researchers being sent to China
01:20:12 Wrap up


Dec 7, 2008
good discussion

they talk about potential evolutionary equilibrium of covid v. control states

how to end junk science, institutional authority v. individual marketplace where results and process are often conflated, raw data overtaking reasonable hypothesis

collapse of civil authority, coastal elite takeover of higher order systems
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Dec 7, 2008
blue team v. red team item lists, confirmation and selection bias

first principle deduction of good ideas, the exhausted 67% middle who want a nuanced interpretation of reality
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Dec 7, 2008

03:18 Why care about Clubhouse
08:39 Clubhouse went full woke insanity
18:02 What can we learn from this
31:24 COVID risk factors and co-morbidities https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/epub/...
44:24 COVID vaccines and targeting the spike protein
50:54 COVID vaccines for children and adolescents https://science.sciencemag.org/conten...
01:00:46 Sexist obituary of female scientist
01:14:00 Pronouns
01:17:14 Octopuses
01:20:44 Wrap up

00:43 Antibody dependent enhancement with vaccines
02:13 COVID vaccine side effects
03:27 Does wearing a mask increase your viral load?
07:08 Top surgery on a young woman’s health
12:08 How do we support women in being a home maker?
22:49 Genome, adaptation, and consciousness
24:55 AI apocalypse by algorithm
28:03 Nice comment
30:30 Did our brain evolve to cover our needs?
34:31 Nice comment
35:23 Any tips for self studying BS-free liberal arts?
43:17 Interesting observations of cat behavior
46:53 Why don’t people share you and Dan Crenshaw’s world view?
48:32 Interesting framing on left/right language differences with markets
52:06 Bret losing his cool with insurers on the phone
53:49 Comment on diversity
54:14 COVID and keto diet
54:49 What did a 90s kid have to do with Jim Crow laws?
57:55 What is biological purpose?
01:01:36 Are moles inherited?
01:05:00 Did ontological phenomenological distinction exist or was it experienced before mankind was self-aware?
01:06:18 Kids surnames?
01:09:40 Impacted molars, near/far sightedness, and morning sickness - Maladaptive responses
01:18:36 What role should history play in science education?
01:24:22 Do you avoid killing household pests?
01:29:36 Does having kids increase life satisfaction?
01:32:00 Wrap up

recent casts, apologies for not keeping pace
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Cutty Flam

Dec 3, 2019
I’ve been trying to listen to more of these discussions and take notes. Some other member has mentioned them in the Coronavirus thread but before then never heard of em

They bring up some important points at times during their discussions


Dec 30, 2019
Bret Weinstein 2024.

I love the guy like the radical left loves AOC.
I know this gets tossed around alot but AOC isn't really a radical leftist. She got into office by protesting nanci pelosi and had left views, then she got into power and did nothing. She confirms nanci pelosi in votes for her position as chairman. She's a corporate democrat.

I really wish AOC was what the right claim her to be, some all powerful radical communist. Nope, she campaigned as one thing, got into power, and became a corporate sponsored democrat, like all the other corporate sponsored republicans.

She's a boogy man of the right. And she's a sell out of the left. It's just a trope now, completely removed from her actual person. I say this as someone who is not a fan of AOC, but a fan of reasonable discourse like Brett.