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Dan Trachtenberg To Direct ‘Y The Last Man’ Movie

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Love TRS, congrats to him. I thought his Portal short was meh, but I'm down for whatever he puts out.
Sigh, like I was sayin in the comic thread, would rather see this as a cable tv series. Don't think they can get all the narrative scope into a full length feature film even if BKV says it's possible :/ I know some of you guys seem to like Danny cause of TRS, but I hope this gets trapped in development hell :l

Same thing I was thinking of.

I know he's into comics. I wasn't saying he wasn't sufficiently nerdy, I was more arguing that he's not the kind of guy who puts his "nerdiness" above his abilities, which is often what happens when "nerds" are given projects, i.e. 99.94% of all fan-films, that Dungeons & Dragons movie, the Wing Commander movie, so on and so forth.

Basically, I meant that I don't think Dan is going to fall victim to that same fate. Or at least I hope he won't.
Can we just stop passing this joint around and maybe release the thing? I loved that series. I would actually be excited to see a movie based on it, unless they find a way to completely change the story (there's only one man left... and zombies! plus chicks, who are sort of half zombie.)


Still irritates me that so much press could be gotten by a few prosumer level special effects shots and pop culture pandering.

I think it takes far more than you give credit for to make decent looking effects shots. For a short film without dialogue, it still tells a simple story effectively. There's something to the direction that couldn't be done by Joe Portal fan #5.

Happy for him, didn't know this was a end goal of his.

Well TRS has always billed him as an aspiring director, and for most of those a big hollywood gig is usually a career goal.


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Could be neat. Hope it turns out well.

Dan is getting some big work. Doesn't he already have a sci-fi movie in the works for Universal? With the writer of Wanted and Fast Five.

Jedeye Sniv

Still irritates me that so much press could be gotten by a few prosumer level special effects shots and pop culture pandering.

Oh man that song has only got like three chords, anyone can play it.

He had a good idea, executed well and people responded to it.


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Seems like a tv show would make more sense. Especially since you could really expand on things since there is a lot of traveling around the United States, plenty of room for filler that would take away from the narrative too much.
Yeah, doesn't feel like movie material

That wouldn't be a good film at all. That definitely needs serious time to play out. TV's the only way to go with adapting DMZ.

Problem being that unless it's HBO or some such, there's no security in the TV industry; shows get half a season to perform before decisions are made for flat out cancellation. I can't even begin to imagine how detrimental the current "success from day one or die" attitude must have on producers and writers.


How upset would people be if they changed the ending? Especially, the part where
Agent 355 gets killed

Jedeye Sniv

While I think Y would make a decent TV show, it would also be a little formulaic and monster-of-the-week-y I think. I like the idea of condensing what is really quite a simple road trip story into a film, but out a lot of the fat. You miss a lot of the world building and the individual side-stories, but the essential story of the last man vs hostile female environment is fairly simple. Focus on the characters and it'll be great.

Jedeye Sniv

Do you guys not think that a TV show would just be "Yorick and co arrive at town. They make a freind but it turns out she's not what they expect. They discover Yorick is a man. Action scene. Moral. end"? I could see this working perhaps as a single season show, but not in the long run at all. I think they should just stick to the main group of characters and explore the personal conflicts from there and not worry so much about the post-apocalyptic scenery.


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I didn't get past the early
boob cutting
part the whole thing just seemed really stupid. Maybe I should give it another try.
I am kind of surprised to see how many people loved Totally Rad Show. The three of them bugged me, I didn't find much charisma evident in the way Dan presented himself. I am clearly in the minority here, as you all seem to think he & TRS were excellent. I don't agree. That's life!
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