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Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.5 | Satisfied?

Are you satisfied with this update?

  • Yes

    Votes: 223 35.3%
  • No

    Votes: 129 20.4%
  • It's a first step

    Votes: 279 44.2%

  • Total voters


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I know I'm not, and you?

The list of changes can be found here: click me

Don't get me wrong, it's a good start but after more than a year, here's what I was expecting:

- a real overhaul of the AI, not just small adjustments
- a real customization of our apartment
- an overhaul of the food system, so that all food, drinks etc... is finally used for something
- real content (weapons, secondary missions, skills, vehicles)
- open all part of Pacifia which are still closed
- tattoo artists and hairdressers with PHYSICAL stores
- total overhaul of the police
- the bounty system
- elements that promote roleplay such as being able to sit down, ordering at restaurants, more interactions with the crowd and the AI

This is just what comes to my mind. And you, are you satisfied with this update?

You can find here the thread recapping the update, and go here for some next gen gameplay !
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I'll quote myself from the OT but I havent yet "tested" the game but based on the changes:

Most of the changes dont seem to impact me as a stealth player...and I was debating whether to replay now and just not buy new stuff or wait. I dont care about npc reacting to me shooting in the air or at them, because I never do that...nor do I care about civilian cars reacting to that shit either...it seems like most changes were to fix all the dumb memes they were made fun of, isntead of you know..actually adding good stuff in it. I am curios if they fixed the gabrage stealth takedown animations. If they havent they can fuck off.


Worth it?

Currently 15 euros on keysites for pc.

Refunded it on day 2 or
So because it was a bit shite..

Any ideas?


Well for starters I don't have to mind my car that I forget somewhere in the world to stay there forever. I use to run through a few cars and for some reason the game save their position since ever. Couldn't give a damn about this u-turn or whatever, never bothered me. The neon on the bike seems like a stupid adition just to consume more space and adds nothing.

Another good thing are the buffs. This a total win for me as those activities were pretty useless. Now you can sleep or take a shower and receive a buff from it(specially the xp boost from sleeping).

Improved AI is something I don't bother much really. They almost kill me on a few shots anyway.

Map rework was kinda nice. But I honestly prefere they would touch on the HUD, because its pretty small and the damage feedback sucks real hard. I only know I'm being hit when the screen is already flashing red.

A good move was the car cost rebalance. Car prices in this game were waaay too much high. To the point of "if you're playing to get a trophy for getting all cars, then do not spend a single dime on anything since from the begining of the game". I learn that the hard way, since when I beat the game I had to farm TONS of money through selling weapons...to the point of going to looking over the internet tricks to farm credits.

Other than that I could talk about the reworked skill tree but they didn't give much in other than saying that they were taking away useless skills and rebalancing some existant ones. Have to check this out in the game, but I hope it didn't hurt my play style.
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I'll need to play it first, but the list at the link you provided is definitely lengthy, and it's without a doubt that the game has seen a massive improvement in all areas since the 1.0 release.

My guess is that the people who are still upset after this release with always be upset regardless of what is patched into the game.



  • Added a benchmark mode. You can find it in Settings > Run Benchmark.
  • Added a "Toggle walking" option when playing with keyboard. It is activated by pressing G during exploration. The key can be rebinded in Settings.
  • Enabled transparent ray-traced reflections on glossy coating of some cars.
  • Enabled Variable Rate Shading (VRS). This feature boosts rendering performance and visual quality by varying the shading rate for different regions of the frame. Available only on compatible hardware.
  • Fixed an issue which blocked Resolution Scaling on AMD graphics cards when Ray Tracing was enabled.


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Can I smash Judy while male? If so, than yes, if no, then NO :messenger_pouting:
I Imagine that nobody knows yet, unless they continue on an old save, it takes awhile to get there. But on PC anything is possible. 😉

I respect the devs that they made her have a preference though, same with Panam, makes them more believable.
Plus, I couldn’t stop laughing when a buddy made a mixed gender character as a joke and then got so pissed when he found out he owned himself and got blocked by both Judy and Panam 😆


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I Imagine that nobody knows yet, unless they continue on an old save, it takes awhile to get there. But on PC anything is possible. 😉

I respect the devs that they made her have a preference though, same with Panam, makes them more believable.
Plus, I couldn’t stop laughing when a buddy made a mixed gender character as a joke and then got so pissed when he found out he owned himself and got blocked by both Judy and Panam 😆
Yeah, but I was too invested in her story so the rejection hurt me. Biggest strength of Cyberpunk is those characters there.
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Yes, but I was hoping for NG+ but I also know it'll come with a future dlc/update. For those still disappointed it may just simply be time to move on and enjoy any one of the other amazing games that has released in the last year or so, or adjust your expectations for what can be accomplished with CP2077 development issues.

Edit: the fact that I can continue to fuck with Panam already puts this as a contender for 2022 GotY.
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fart town usa

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I'll definitely check it out. The previous patches made a noticeable improvement for the base PS4 version. I still think the game wasn't all that fun to play but the update cheat sheet shows that there has been a "rebalance of gameplay", curious what that's all about. Curious too what the total file size is now, it's like 100+ gb, I think pushing upwards of 130gb, lol.

I won't ever be convinced that the game is nothing more than a by-the-numbers rpg shooter but I don't want to be a hater, I'm happy for people who enjoy it and have nex-gen consoles or God-tier rigs to play it on.
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Its a platform for the new paid expansions later so they actually did more than a simple patch. Getting multple apartments was heavily requsted. Next up is probably the metro network and so on. That discount and specifically the trial is by design to get the fence sitters to jump in.

Gordon Freeman

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The ray tracing is shit. I already played it for over 100 hours at launch on my series x at 60fps. So this just adding some ray traced shadows is useless. No thanks.


Yes and no.

It's a fun game overall, my favorite of that year, definitely worth a playthrough. So now is the perfect time if you had not before.

Stuff like variety in the way you can complete missions, the rpg dialog/choice system, and open world interactivity will likely never make it into the game.

Once you play long enough you will realize that they needed like another 5 years of development time.


I just played the trial on Xbox... It was my first time playing it. It was fine until the first "gun fight"...

Tonight Show Seriously GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The "gunplay" is atrocious on the Series S, aiming is clunky and slow, shooting enemies is not satisfying at all, the guns sounds terrible and the enemies appeared to have zero AI... I hated.
Redownloading now.

I was fortunate enough that when I played through my first time on PC I didn't really run into the major issues, much at all, the first time I played, so I got to play the game and really enjoyed it the first time. Could have been better, I expected better from CDPR, but I didn't dislike it at all.

I'm hopeful some of these changes are worthwhile, I'd love a new game plus mode. Looking forward to trying the new changes though and see how the game has grown since I last played it.


Time to reinstall it on my PS5 and try finish the side quests i left behind. If this MOFO crashed my PS5 again it goes out the window.

From what i saw from the stream, the AI is still far behind from what rockstar did decades ago on GTA, but seems improved compared to launch CP2077.


Sounds like it's now in a state it should have been at launch on next gen consoles. But it's still never going to be the game they kept promising and talking about during all those years.
Still, now that you can basically get it for $10 it definitely seems worth playing.


I didn't really have any issues with the base game (on pc) so the only thing that would get me interested in playing again would be new content, which this update doesn't seem to have, or at least not any meaningful content. I don't really care about shit like renting other apartments when they don't do anything. I don't think I was ever even really in my apartment during the game.
Then again, I guess the update isn't supposed to be for me.
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