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Cyberpunk 2077 PlayStation 5 Free Upgrade Can’t Be Confirmed at the Time; Full-Blown Next-Gen Release May Come Later On


Dec 16, 2019

Why wouldn’t a series x version have ray tracing?

Halo Infinite won’t have ray tracing on Xbox One either... it will when you play on series X.

I think the Series X versions will have Ray Tracing due to DirectX making it easier to add. My point is I think it will be more complicated on Sony's end.
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Dec 6, 2013
What difference would a next gen remaster offer? Max PC settings?

why wouldn’t a series x enchancsmsnt be the same damn thing? Are current gen versions not just down scaled pc builds?

There is no difference between an enhanced series x version and a remaster Ps5 version aside from charging you another 60$

Sony’s approach to backwards and forward compatibility is shit and an obsolete approach to it all.

I imagine one thing would be a next gen upgrade patch which would simply enable better resolution and high/max PC settings. And then another could be a remaster which could be more like a reworked version of the game with new features, new assets, more geometry, maybe smoother transitions between areas, etc.

Something like the Metro 2033 Redux for example which offered a few new gameplay elements, added smoother in-game transitions between areas that previously had loading screens separating them and some visual enhancements that went beyond what you would get even at max PC settings in the original release.
Or something like Modern Warfare remaster which borders on being a remake with big visual upgrades that also go far beyond what you'd get with max settings on PC.

Hell, CDPR did a great job when porting over The Witcher 2 to inferior hardware (xbox360 version) by adding new cinematics, quests and a new area (which they added for free on PC). So now that they would be porting over to better hardware instead it could be great.


May 29, 2018
Free upgrade, lol. Anyone who expected this is delusional. There are hundreds of millions of dollars on the table for CDPR from a potential port. There's no way they will give it away.

Yeah I'm pretty sure MS moneyhatted the free update for Series X. Could be a good decision .. would like to know how much that cost though ..


Oct 10, 2014
could this mean series x gets free upgrade but ps5 users have to wait a year to rebut the game to get next gen goodness?


Nov 3, 2013
Some very confusing wording here, especially in regards to the already announced XSX version -- "A full blown next gen version will come later".

So does that lead us to believe the Xbox Series X version we're supposed to get for "free" with the Xbox One version is just a BC-enhanced version of the game? Because it's sounding an awful lot like that's the case. Why else would he use the "A full blown next gen version" line?
It‘s most likely what it means. You get an enhancement patch and then a year later a true next gen release, utilizing all the new APIs and features the next gen consoles have to offer.
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May 10, 2018
Given the numbers just released regarding Witcher 3 sales on PS over Xbox, I think Sony are just fine.

Kinda sad that some people here care more about whether a multi-million dollar company will make more money rather than whether the decisions the company makes will benefit consumers.
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Golgo 13

The Man With The Golden Dong
Jun 14, 2014
It‘s most likely what it means. You get an enhancement patch and then a year later a true next gen release, utilizing all the new APIs and features the next gen consoles have to offer.
Bizarre for CD Project Red to be unclear about that kind of stuff (they're generally straight forward and consumer friendly), but whatever. Doesn't dull my excitement for the game.