Cyberpunk 2077, including the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions, is on sale for $10

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Even at $10 I would honestly not recommend it. They will probably pull a FFVRemake and release Next-gen version with +content so it would be better to just wait to see if they actually fix the game with the next gen version.
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don't know what performance is like on the consoles but for $10 it's definitely worth picking up. the game has flaws and it's not what was marketed but it's not really that bad a game as some people enjoy making it out to be. i think it's worth more than $10. maybe $25-30. not full price though.

There are no next-gen versions though.
it wont come out on next gen though.

the game is last gen and we're still waiting for current gen update which is due in a few months.
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I'll buy this after all the DLCs are out...and the PS5 version is released...and "all" the bugs are solved...and the game is at 10€ for the GOTY edition by then.
So in 2025.


I was tempted at $29.99 (digitally), $10 sounds nice, but eww, physical copy, no thanks.

I only play shooters and don't play RPGs, how is the gunplay in this? Can anyone compare it to any first person shooters? If it doesn't feel good to aim and shoot, I don't want it.
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