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Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Reassures Fans That Expansions Are in the Works


Will probably buy it, but not day 1 ever anymore.

Cp2077 was good but the Witcher 3 system just doesn't fit a cityscape open world.

Night City is not explorable. The locations exist in hubs, recognisable by having a shop in every hub. You have to travel through the maps, because everything else in between hubs are just non interactive space.

In W3, it was the forests and lush landscapes, and you can sometimes identify a location visually. In 2077 the forests are replaced by buildings, but you can't differentiate which can be explored.

This is why you have the look of a bustling city but the feel of a dead city.
There's plenty of NCPD hustles, Gigs and Side Jobs in between hubs and the shops are also evenly spread throughout the city that if you need to get something specific, you need to move through the city. You can always fast travel, but if you don't, then you get to interact with the content I mentioned earlier.

The NCPD hustles might not look like much, but a good number of them connect to Side Jobs and Gigs, fleshing out their backstory or providing further clues to what was going on.
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If the game can't be corrected, I don't know if I even care about expansions, even for free mind you.

If the core issues are not addressed, giving MORE of that content isn't suddenly going to make me give a shit. Its pretty much over at this point for this game and as someone that likes single player titles, my time is better spent on better and newer games that release.

Sounds like you didn't actually play it.

smh, it had over 3 million plus returns, something we've never seen in modern gaming before.

The immature excuse that someone didn't play it cause they disagree is just too salty man. I own it day 1, beat it....its a bad game lol Enough with this whole "didn't actually play it" if someone hates it, I don't like every fucking game I buy or play. I'm honest enough that if I don't like what I played, I'll be pretty open about it, even if I was hype before about it, so I'm not too shocked many might be in the same boat as me. Keep in mind, Amazon was willing to even accept a return of that game when all the retailers were doing returns for it and I only kept it to allow a friend to barrow it, but it was very much on the table for me to send it back like millions of others that actually did.

majority of CP2077 players are still waiting for those expansions.

Doubt, like.....100% doubt big time on that. Majority of gamers don't even complete games sir, 3 million returned this game, it got waves of bad reviews and single player games have players move on faster, even MP titles struggle for retention, but for single player....its far worse. As in...even giving this shit for free doesn't guarantee even I return and I own the game day 1. Most are not going to complete it, I doubt most would return either.

The expansion might be free, my time is not though sir. I might be playing other single player titles at the time or not interested in a failed concept where they are still struggling with basic elements like AI. Giving me more of something I thought was just ok, doesn't mean I'll play of it if those issues are not addressed.

Look at BF 2042. imagine just telling someone they'll add more maps and think thats enough to overlook all that bad design. They have the excuse of being a MP title, but with single player, that community moves on even faster then MP.


If it's not a DLC that takes place after the main story then I really find it hard to care given how the game ends.

Especially given that Cyberpunks entire main quest is already compromised by the fact that while its meant to be a ticking clock story line, the side content ruins the pacing/impact of that narrative to an almost comical degree .

Aka. "Meet Hanako at Embers" while you spend 20+ hours finishing content that is only available once you unlock that final set of point of no return missions.

They need to give a you reason to want to go back to the game, and more pre-ending shit is just not worth any ones time at this point.


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I laugh at the who gives a shit gifs, but honestly I would buy new DLC day one. I played on PC (back when I had a RTX 2080 Super) and honestly didn't experience any serious bugs or issues and enjoyed the story well enough. I actually really got into homegirl from the outlands story.
Map is primed for expansions. Good news!

Concept art.:

Not really. Created in 10 seconds with AI


I'm pretty sure that theyve already said the DLC will be free, and seeing as how I patiently waited to start the game until about 3 weeks ago on my series X and am enjoying the shit out of it...this news makes me happy. The game firmly has its hooks in me and it takes a decent game to do that these days.

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They could flesh out a smaller area to serve as a new hub, and ditch the filler content. That would immediately be more engaging than the base game.
There's a few gaping holes in the map that were clearly left for expansions. I wonder if we'll get anything Blood and Wine style where we get a whole new map though.


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I own it day 1, beat it....its a bad game

Ehhh I think "bad" is slightly overstating it. It was bad at launch, with all the bugs and glitches and performance problems. But since they've cleaned those up and we can judge the game on just the game itself, I'd say it's mediocre. It's pretty weak for an RPG (there are still a lot of talent points that don't do shit), and it's only so-so as an open world game. For all the color and vibrancy of the world, there's just so little to do beyond the checklist stuff. Nothing to really discover outside of the NCPD events. No silly side games to play, no optional braindances to experience. The only recreational thing to do is visit bars.

The world feels too curated.

It's an okay single playthrough kind of game and leaves the player wanting, but I wouldn't say it's outright bad.

They need to give a you reason to want to go back to the game, and more pre-ending shit is just not worth any ones time at this point.
Agreed. I really don't care about anything pre-ending. But I suspect we won't see anything that takes place after the ending because there are all the different ending paths and they'd have to setup the DLC for each of them. Some of that would be hard to do, especially for ones like the Nomad/Panam ending.


i played the game but ended up rushing to the end so there's still a lot i haven't seen in the base game. i'm going to go back when the game is finished. by that i mean when all dlc/expansions are out and they release a final patch.

i enjoyed what i played of it but there were issues. seems 1.5 improved it. if the expansions are anything like Witcher 3 then they will seriously improve the game. i still argue that the expansions are the best part of the entire game. they also release some big gameplay changes and enhanced/completely new map during expansions too.
They could flesh out a smaller area to serve as a new hub, and ditch the filler content. That would immediately be more engaging than the base game.
Would love a Spinner style flight car.

There are bridges that are blocked in the game., I could see these expanding out.


After the recent nextgen launch I gotta say I really enjoy the game. It seems to have a personality disorder though where it’s not sure what it wants to be but when it follows true quests and cool characters the game is damn entertaining. Gun play is still a bit dog shit and the driving is atrocious but I love the world building.


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There's been quite a bit of speculation surrounding the future of Cyberpunk 2077 following the release of update 1.5 back in February. That game-changing patch launched alongside the infinitely improved PlayStation 5 version of 2077, but developer CD Projekt Red has been pretty much silent since — aside from a smaller update that hit about a month later.

Fortunately, talkative quest director Pawel Sasko has reassured fans that additional content is still in the works.

During a recent livestream Sasko said: "We are working on stuff for you. Like, I'm literally daily reviewing quests, talking to people about stuff, so it is happening. I cannot tell you anything about our future plans [...] but I can assure you that we are working on expansions — we're working on stuff for you guys."

Stop talking until you have something to show.

Also stop talking until you give us the that next gen TW3 update.


the completionist in me really hopes the DLC is PS5 only so I dont feel compelled to load the game back up on PS4!!


Does this game still have fans?
Roughly 8k players now on Steam, a quick glance on the list showed it’s more than God of War, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, MS Flight Sim, Horizon ZD, No Man’s Sky, It Takes Two, Sekiro, The Witcher 3 and a whole bunch of other games people talk about regularly. It’s doing okay. I’ll gladly jump in again if they make a solid expansion.


Tell us you never actually played Cyperpunk 2077 and are just here to troll without telling us you never actually played Cyperpunk 2077 and are just here to troll.

The expansions are great news because as fantastic as the story was, the campaign is pretty short for a Western RPG. Act 3 just sort of ends. The third act is basically just whatever ending you've earned from the rest of the game

It wasn't a troll. I just thought this game had such a poor reputation that nobody really cared about it. Clearly it still has a vocal and passionate fan base.


I legit think the game is garbage, I asked for my money back after buying on release. The only reason I have it now is because I bought it again for less than 5$.

I can't understand how the same studio that made TW3 was responsible for this game.

“The game is so shit, I bought it again”

Ok then!

(I personally have found the game very enjoyable. A bit slow to get going, but loving it now)
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