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Opinion Cyberpunk 2077: Beyond the Bugs

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Aug 24, 2020
First of I'm not saying Cyberpunk is not the worst game of all time, in fact I think some things the game did are really good, and even phenomenal. But for me it's without a doubt the most disappointing game ever. I love playing the game, but it feels so unfinished and rushed. I didn't set unreachable expectations for the game, I leveled my expectations based only on what CDPR promised. They said the game would have a dynamic NPC A.I that would make the game truly feel alive, Three branching life paths that would actually impact your playthrough, cinematic third person cutscenes, a complex wanted system where can be bribed by story characters to hunt down the player, more interesting gameplay, for example: trauma team that plays a key role, frequent flying avs, wall- running, ads that target the player point to the merchant that sells that product, merch could be pre-viewed before purchase, and etc. The game that we got is none of this things. Even without the bugs these glaring cut content and design choices are what's killing the game for me. They marketed this game as a genre defining game that would push boundaries, but the game that we got feel so fucking outdated compared to titles such as Red Dead 2, GTA V, hell even GTA San Andreas when it comes to basic customization and A.I. Not only did gameplay had cut content, but also the narrative. The lifepaths always end up the same in the first hour of the game. What's even more insulting is that they didn't even made a different montage for each lifepath. Characters that already met V in prologue still introduces themselves later on in the game like Padre. It was so weird that Padre still introduces himself to street kid V like their total strangers. They knew the game had all these problems but released it anyway. Witcher 3 had problems at launch, but they were never as bad as this. I have always defended and favored CDPR on GAF but not anymore, they have clearly decieved us and took advantage of the good will they made for themselves over the years. The most upsetting part is that I truly believe that it is a truly special game that is being held back by all these issues and problems. I'm no longer confident if CDPR can fully fix and revamp this game, but only time will tell.

Edit. To those who want a TLDR version. Basically the game is good but could have been a masterpiece
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Oct 2, 2019
too many words and no tldr at the end



Jul 23, 2020
Put this in the review thread, neogaf is not blogger...
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Everything is going by the "fuck you too" principle..
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