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Cyberpunk 2077 Beats Elden Ring As Most Played Single-Player Game On Steam


Everyone in here arguing about which game is better between Elden Ring and Cyberpunk

I'm just happy to see them both on top. Some of my personal games of the gen so far.


What time is it?
Do better, PC Gamers.



Guess it's time to buy the game.

I think it was a good time when the heavy mess was a thing. I bough mine for a very cheap price, even for my country standarts. The praise and positivity probably gonna spike the price again.

Buggy Loop

Any rumors about when the RT overdrive patch will hit on PC?

Is this going to be like Metro Exodus EE, as in, they remove every baked lights and go full RT with more than 1 bounce?

I think i'll hold a replay of this game until then. Looks bonkers in video.


I hope CPR continues to invest in Cyberpunk, it is a cool game. I really appreciate that they added Cloud saves so I can play the same save file no matter where I play (PS5/Series/PC). It's a shame the feature is not available with Stadia as that is where I had most of my progress.

They plan to. It's why they invested so much time fixing the game and adding improvements and new features. They also hinted at a Sequel, but that won't be for a very long time since TW4 will be their priority after Phantom Liberty releases. Ultimately they know the game has a lot of fans despite the shitstorm, and the Cyberpunk property is far too strong to abandon. Not to mention the game has entered it's Second Chance phase. They patched the shit outta the bugs and added lots of improvements just in time for the Anime to come out, which was so damn good it resparked interest in the game. They played the long game, set up the pieces, and everything is falling into place. The game willl probably receive a 3rd surge of interest and boost to sales once the Phantom Liberty DLC comes out next year.

All this doesn't mean we should forgive and forget how poorly the game was managed, how marketing mislead so many people on what this game was going to be, or how shady and rushed the release was. Despite it's comeback, their handling of it's launch did really hurt the company. I don't expect them to become perfect angels after this, but hopefully it hurt them badly enough that they'll at the very least never pull that shit again.
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