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Crystal Dynamics has announced it is now developing the next TOMB RAIDER


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They just started ?? Ffs this gen gonna sucks waiting for big games . See you guys in 2025
Not surprising. Avengers was released just a year and a half ago. Then they were contracted to assist The Initiative with Perfect Dark since they've been having employee retention issues. So they were probably doing that while working on a pitch for a new Tomb Raider.


Played the first and second games, and although I enjoyed them both quite a bit… the gameplay loop of upgrading stuff and crafting got stale. Actually I think those soft rpg elements are in every game now, maybe that’s why it got old? In any case this new game needs to put Tomb Raider back on the map.


Leaked screenshots



It makes a lot of sense.

PerfectDark is UE5 too and both are co/developed by CriystalDinamics. It would have been a distraction an inefficient to work on different engines

It is clear that both developments are going to feed back and there, maybe, the beneficiary (on grade of optimization sense) may be XSeries X/S (specially the XSS) ?.


I haven’t completed any of the most recent Tomb Raider games because they are so far removed from what I loved about the originals, so not greatly thrilled by this news. In fact, the only element that I enjoyed was the brief VR mode.


Hang on, Crystal Dynamics announced over a year ago they were developing the next Tomb Raider. Think today's announcement is just that they're doing so on Unreal Engine 5.

So hopefully not 'quite' so far off.


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I'm actually excited to see NextGen Lara
Not so much the game she'll be in, CD has gone a bit woke.
I just want some one on one time with Lara in a Tomb no bullshit story & shitty characters


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While I enjoy the games I'm hoping for a bit of a soft reboot.
I like a lot of elements in the new Tomb Raider (The awesome visuals and the puzzles in particular) but the new Lara has always been so boring and unlikable, besides Shadow of the Tomb Raider sort of finished her story arc.

They just started ?? Ffs this gen gonna sucks waiting for big games on unreal engine 5. See you guys in 2025

And no. I don’t count ps4/Xbox one games on ps5/series x a next games . Including halo and horizon forbidden banana

UE5 games are probably going to start to come out right in time for Ps5 Pro and Series XX.
The current consoles are the cross gen machines


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Isn't Microsoft making Perfect Dark internally? Perhaps I am thinking of something else.
The Initiative has been having issues retaining employees. So Microsoft and Square Enix agreed to have Crystal Dynamics assist them with development. It sounds like they're doing the heavy lifting for now until The Initiative can get more people internally.
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