Crystal Dynamics claim 'relief in sight' for bored Avengers players


There are millions of whiny 5-year olds on Earth, and I AM THEIR KING.
This was supposed to be SE's big game and it's gotten very little hype or been talked about. That's crazy considering how big the Avengers franchise is supposed to be.
Nobody has said it's bad, but Im not seeing it as being a must play.

Maybe making Kamala Khan, the single player focus wasn't such a great way to market it.
Yeah, I watched a couple play throughs of the game, and you are mostly in Kampala’s POV, which makes it feel lame. It’s like being sold a Batman game and having the game focus on Robin.
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I had no idea it was even some shitty service game until reading it on here a few times in the past week. Figured it was a story driven one and done. What the hell were they thinking.


Feel sorry for any passionate dev team members who worked hard on this. They (and we) were let down by the direction of this being another looter-shooter, gaas trash pile.

On the moolah as always:

Frankly the whole thing is just so uninspiring and repetitive. It's all so visually noisy and cluttered too.

Certainly doesn't help when your main characters are so dull and indistinct either. It's fine for them not to be the same as the MCU, but these ones are basically knock-off toy versions.

Also, while he's great as Nathan Drake and Desomnd Miles, I'm kinda getting fed up of every game having Nolan North in it doing Nolan North. There comes a point where hearing the same voice artist do pretty much the same voice with a different face becomes jarring; and takes you outta the game.

It really goes to show the difference in mindset and the subsequent result between this (messy, repetitive, monetised) and something like Spider-Man PS4 (focused, high quality, passionate).
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They will get "relief" instead of fun. Is CD tackling pandemic situation?

Real relief will be when they will be relieved from game.


Ahahahaha. God damn that’s perfect.
TFW porn parody suits look way better than million dollar productions made by multibillion dollar companies.


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There's a lot they *could* do with it, sure. But I feel like this is such a common narrative (live service game is rushed out before it's ready, flops, becomes the butt of a joke, eventually gets good with patches/updates based on community feedback) that I'm worried this will become standard practice. I can't see myself buying into any live service games pre-release anymore, because of Avengers, Fallout 76, Anthem...the list goes on...


Eh. I quit soon after I got my first character to 50. It was the matchmaking that turned me off. Spider-Man will bring me back for awhile, but unless they fix matchmaking I won’t be around for long.
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