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|OT| CRACKDOWN 3 |OT| The Cloud Only Plays Multiplayer Games. BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!!!


and Ceramide R
Apr 19, 2019
Away with the fairies
Why stream a movie for $5 when I can own it for $10?

It's just your choice. Do you want to own it or so you want to play it and be done with it?
Play it and be done with it. There are very few games that I replayed years later. Broken sword, monkey island and megalomania are the only ones I can think of
Feb 10, 2019
Very successful game, proves that Gamepass don't impact sales like the haters say.
No it is was and always will be crap, and it was one of the biggest lies MS ever created.....You know...the power of the Cloud b*s.
When it was not on GP i swear only the diehard would play it..Do you have any proof of the sold numbers?? I think you took this conclusion out of thin air....