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Coromon - Insider Demo Gameplay (2D Pokemon Like Game)


Jun 1, 2019
Got a chance to check the exclusive demo out. Here's some info:

- gameplay is pretty much pokemon, with variations to the items, move names, etc
- multiple difficulty modes. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane
- Hard has two extra rules, fainted monsters leave party forever, and you can't escape wild battles.
- Insane has two more rules. You can't use recall items that teleport you to different locations. Got to walk it all the way, and only one monster can be caught in each location, but a perfect shiny can be caught if you encounter it.
- This game doesn't have EVs. But all monsters can have two shiny variations. Potent & Perfect that increase the caps for the stats.
- When leveling you ger to allocate some points to a specific attribute. For instance I focused on attack and special attack in the demo.
- Instead of Gym leaders and battles, there are Titan monster challenges. These fights are basically boss battles that have multiple phases, large health pools, etc.
- Each location has sub plots and quests to follow.
- you're a researcher out on a mission to research each monster, so got to catch them all.
- Plenty of customization options when starting. Clothing, hair, and face, etc.
- 7 Types: Normal, Electric, Sand, Fire, Ghost, Ice, & Water for the monsters.
- 6 additional skill types that deal double damage to certain types of monsters: Magic, Foul, Heavy, Air, Poison, & Cut
- There is a 8 plus hour demo on Steam which gets regularly updated with some new content as the devs tweak the game.
- Release is supposedly 2022.

If there's anything else I'll add it later.

Link to Steam Page:

Insider Demo Gameplay:

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