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Control sales top two million


Remedy needs to tighten up its writing, though.
Darkness in Alan Wake, Hiss/Board in Control - I get what they are going for is somewhat Lovecraftian and unknowable but it ends up unsatisfactory in the end and the narrative crumbles.
I thought this game was about women breaking the glass ceiling. Like she was working in the office and couldn't break free at first, and then she's the head of the spooky FBI.

Neil Young

Great game so far, I just can't get it to look right with my hdr. It seems a bit too dark in places and the lights are blown out and too bright. Using the force never gets old.


I’ve been playing Control off and on and it is a fun shooter with spellcasting.

Constantly fighting the endless SWAT guys in the building does get repetitive though.
I loved the main game but didn't really like the DLC. Maybe too much time had passed....

The atmosphere was bar none the best I've ever encountered in a game, even if I had issues with some of the "acting".


Pretty sad really that as a game as good as control sells like this when plenty of games that are no where near as good sell millions more.
Having DLSS and RT is the saving grace for this game. i wonder how many people just bought this game to test the features because its always shown at DF.
Yeh needed about 5 mill, to be a hit, good gameplay just needed better story, better characters, dont think they are doing control 2, low budget alan wake 2, and that f2p game is next.
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