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Confessions of fanboyism as a youth, tell us your story here


The bear of bad news
The console wars were a big thing in my 7-11 year old times. It wasn't just a dweeb thing we were all in on it. Kids actually got beaten up for their console choice in my elementary school. We got a lot of our news out of gaming magazines and kept up with reviews and even had a loose understanding of sales.

I'm not proud to admit it but I was a fanboy who loved Sony and the power of Playstation compelled me.


I loved the Dreamcast in secret but when the PS2 thwomped them right out of the market I took some kind of sick pleasure in it.

I looked down on my peers who were Sega and Nintendo fans and so did several of my pals. Then MS fans came along and things really heated up. They were noobs to the market and kind of laughable to me but I was secretly jealous of Xbox's graphics, Ninja Gaiden, Riddick and Halo (still played the crud out of them though) but my respect for that franchise has dropped off a lot,

but yes my friends I was a massive console fanboy and this is my story.


For consoles, I loved the PS3, and PSP. Never heard of xbox outside of x360. But I played fifa match using PS3 in the gaming cafe. My best console game is God of war, and Infamous.

Only when I got to america, that I got to experience OG Xbox.


I got introduced to the concept of "console wars" fairly early on as a kid by reading gaming magazines where staff writers often dissed each other based on their preferred platform for lulz and it was pretty funny stuff to read. And even for a short while I sorta looked down upon at console gamers, having only a PC myself as a kid and thinking that Quake 3 was the pinnacle of gaming. But then one day I went to my friend's house and played Metal Gear Solid on his PS1, and then on another occasion I spent a whole day playing Rogue Squadron 2 on a borrowed Game Cube and I realized how dumb these arguments are because there are awesome games to play on every platform.
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I grew up in a bubble. My Sega friends always came over to play SNES and I would go play SEGA whenever I could. We would even coordinate birthday and Christmas lists to make sure than nobody on either side had duplicate games to maximize our collective library. I didn't learn about the console wars until I got internet much later and the entire concept baffles me to this day.
I was a 90s Sega fan because I loved thhe idea of an underdog in general, and them punching Nintendo in the teeth was fun. Bitter at Sony for swooping in. Broke my heart when they killed the Dreamcast, didn't follow gaming for about 10 months. I didn't get a PS until a PS2 in 2002, and only cause (one of) my Dreamcast died, it was in warranty at the original price, EB couldn't replace it, so I used the credit to get a PS2 for 60 bucks.

By that time I was working and could afford all consoles so I just had them all and stopped caring 😂


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
i own ps1,ps2,ps3,ps4 and now ps5, I also have gaming PC but still could not get into it. Im still a Playstation console fanboy, unless Sony screw up badly I think ill stay with playstation for a long time


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I was super hyped for the Dreamcast. I believed everything they said, like ShenMue was going to be the greatest game ever made. I didn’t play my Dreamcast that much because Final Fantasy VIII came out. Even my mother asked me why I wasn’t playing it (which was weird) and it’s because VIII came out on the same day. I played Code Veronica. I had MvC and the fight stick. I dropped it all for the PS2. I never looked back. That whole falling out with the Dreamcast ended my love affair for Sega. That and the N64 had such a strong library right before the Dreamcast came out. Sega was suppose to match Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye 007, Star Fox 64, or Mario 64. I was the first kid on the block to own a N64.

I had spent so much time at the arcades playing Tekken Tag Tournament, Hydro Thunder, and Soul Calibur. You had Code Veronica before the PS2 version. The Dreamcast disappointed me, Nintendo wasn’t doing much, Sony was there fixing all the shortcomings, and the games were coming from Japan.

I loved the SNES as a kid, but the Sega Genesis was always catching my attention. I had a GameBoy and then a Game Gear. I had way more games on my GameBoy. I got a Genesis, but I kept it in the basement. The SNES stayed in my room. This trend always followed me until I owned a Xbox and GameCube at launch. I always preferred PlayStation. A couple times I remember favoring Xbox was when Xbox Live and the 360 were super popular and it was easy to meet people online. Nintendo had me buying more NDS games because they had more JRPGs.

I’ve done a lot of fanboyism for all sides. First person to walk under the gate on Sunday when the GameCube launched, went to watch some gameplay DVD of Gears of War at EB Games, waited 6 hours in the cold for Halo 2, went to over a couple dozen midnight launches. Not to mention working at EB Games. My parents got me what I wanted as a kid.
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Nintendo kids put yo hands up! I hated Playstation with a passion. But then Xbox came around and opened my eyes. I made my own money so I bought every console there was, apart from Sega trash obviously. I've been enjoying multiplatforming ever since.
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Made a crappy phPBB forum once ... once.
Commodore 64 pissed all over the spectrum and the Amstrad cpc 464 was ass.

Zzap! 64 was the best mag and Commodore User was lame.
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Console wars got pretty ugly in those early days..ive had people ive hung out with in real life curse or block me online because i made fun of their favorite console.
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Father I have sinned…

I was a diehard Commodore fanboy. NES was for kids when C64 ruled my world. Atari ST was shit and had shit games, yet I had never even touched one.

Then I was a Super NES fanboy.

And Playstation 1 fanboy.

And Dreamcast fanboy.

Once Dreamcast died and I bought PS2, Gamecube, Xbox I realized how much I had missed by isolating myself from other platforms.

Haven’t skipped a single console after that.

I’ve still always had a preference though and I think that’s perfectly normal, nobody that is deeply interested in something is 100% unbiased, with a growing interest grows a preference.

I preferred PS2 over Xbox and Gamecube.

I preferred PS3 over Xbox 360, not at first but later on when Sony 1st party studios started delivering.

For about a year I liked Wii more than everything, for me it was really a revolution.

I liked WiiU a ton for awhile, was really rooting for that platform.

I preferred PS4 over XB1.

I preferred XB1X over PS4 Pro.

Initially I preferred XSX over PS5, because of Gamepass and Play Anywhere.
But I’ve had to reevaluate that because of the lacking games output and prefer PS5 right now, MS has dropped the ball like nobody else imo.

I prefer Gamepass over PS+ Premium, because of the day 1 releases and PC versions.

And in general I prefer PC over consoles, for lots of reasons like mods, settings, framerates, graphics, upgradability.

I prefer consoles over PC for living room and family gaming.

I prefer Steam Deck over Switch for handheld gaming.

That’s about it.
My family wasn’t rich enough growing up. We jumped from cheapest console of the current gen to cheapest console of the next gen, which means I never truly felt like a fanboy towards anything because it was constant jumping from Nintendo to Sega to Sony to Sega to Sony to Nintendo to MS(you can guess which consoles).

The only time I felt slightly sad or upset, was when the Dreamcast died. Nearly all of Sega’s unique and quirky arcade-like creativity slowly faded away to the few franchises they have ongoing today.

I know the following statement doesn’t make sense, but at the time, the Dreamcast dying felt like childhood itself dying. The games PS2, Xbox, and GC offered were incredible, but there was something special about that little fun swirl logo machine that the other consoles could never replicate the feeling of. Only Xbox came the closest since a ton of Dreamcast franchises ended up on it, but I tend to count those as late gen Dreamcast games that never had a chance to release for Dreamcast.


I used to be a huge PS fanboy in the PS3 vs 360 era. Mainly because Xbox was dominating in the beginning and the MS fanboys were annoying as hell (which fanboy isn't.) But I was 15 and too dumb to see that this competition was exactly what arrogant Sony deserved at that time.

Looking back at it, the 360 was a hell of a console. With a solid library. Bought one two years back with a collection of the exclusive games to enjoy them. I still do hate MS for introducing us to paying for online plays though.


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I disliked Sony from Day 1, I still remember reading about the PSX in an old magazine and thinking this would turn to shit (that was shortly after the Jaguar / 3DO failures). Then it launched and I was fairly impressed with Wipeout / Tekken but I still disliked it and vastly preferred the N64.

I’ve only bought Sony consoles late in their life to play Final Fantasy (it was a JRPG back then and I was a huge fan) except, ironically, the PS5 where I fell to FOMO.

All my best gaming memories are on Nintendo / MS platforms (except City of Heroes and WoW).


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When i was a small kid i was a big nintendo fanboy and during the ps1-ps2 era i was a sony guy instead of a sega dreamcast guy.

Never really liked sega, i was all for nes\snes\gameboy over master system\megadrive\gamegear.

Pretty much platform agnostic since microsoft entered the console panorama and especially since x360 was a thing.
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-was a sega fanboy till the 32x debacle
-been a PS fanboy since 97 but did own the original xbox and the 360 for the games
-trolled PC owners back in the day (port beggers for ps1 games did exist back then)


Honestly, as someone who console war enjoyer the PS3 & Xbox 360 era fanboy wars were great, I miss those days. The kids these days is just yelling each other saying lol, bro etc. and sharing boring memes.
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Hated the Playstation when it appeared back in the mid-90's. Especially over here the way the press tried to associate it with 'cool'. It was ridiculous, for example, Saturday nights consisted of 20-somethings watching the 'footie' highlights, going clubbing (but not before downing a few pints with the laaaads), popping a few pills and back to a mates place to play Wipeout on the Playstation through to the morning with Underworld or the Chemical Brothers playing in the background, according to the twats. People who didn't do that were playing tragically uncool Nintendo and Sega in a dark bedroom.

Fuck off.

Tbh I've hated it since. I'm very very petty :messenger_winking:
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i was a forza mmotorsport 3 fanboy during the period GT5 was forever in development. My dad showed a GT5 trailer to me and everything changed. I stopped fanboying over stuff but became a GT fan and enthusiast since then. However I do think Forza is good, but unispired


Consoles > PC (ain't nobody got time for dat)

Was a PS3 fanboy - that was time wasted. Console turned out OK, but there was so much unrealized potential. Worst still there's absolutely no backwards compatibility (sad).


Nintendo kids put yo hands up! I hated Playstation with a passion. But then Xbox came around and opened my eyes. I made my own money so I bought every console there was, apart from Sega trash obviously. I've been enjoying multiplatforming ever since.
Sega is just waiting for the eight moment to come back and kick your ass. XD /s


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I was a Nintendo fanboy. My cousin was team Sega. He had a Genesis, I had Super Nintendo. Endless arguments ensued.

Neither of us ever admitted the other system was in any way better, yet we spent countless sleepovers where I'd go over to his place and we'd play Genesis all night, and he'd come over and play SNES.

For the record, I came around in the end. The Dreamcast is my favorite system of all time.


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I always thought I was a Playstation fanboy growing up, but then realised my favourite childhood games were Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat and Bomberman on SNES, then I moved onto Nintendo 64, and I played Banjoo & Kazooie and Goldeneye religiously. My friends at the time looked down at me for it, this was the early 2000's and PS1 and later 2 were the hot thing in town but I could never afford those and instead played on much older hardware.

Years later I moved onto the PS2 and all the goodness it offered, GTA San Andreas and Bully had to be my favourite games from that period and it's been a love affair with Playstation ever since. I don't plan on moving away anytime soon, it's not even brand loyalty, it's just the great and growing catalogue of games they've offered for years. Uncharted 2 and 3 were always a favourite amongst me and my friends.

After I joined Gaf I found a whole community who shared their passion for their platforms and the reasons behind it. I also got into many discussions around graphics and the hardware technology behind it. It helped me gain a deeper appreciation for gaming and also a new liking for PC gaming since a lot of the graphics and hardware innovations (not all) are made within the discrete GPU space.

I've decided to build a PC within the next year which will sit nicely alongside my PS5. What really sold me on PC gaming was when it was announced that the next-gen version of RD2 for consoles was scrapped and one of the posters replied "PC gaming is the gift that keeps on giving" lol and I thought dam he's right. The same was the case for Witcher 3, which I played on PS4 and is still one of my favourite games. I've been pathetically waiting for the next-gen patch for two years because I wanted to play it at 60 FPS when in that time I could have just had a PC.


Reverse groomer.
Nintendo kids put yo hands up! I hated Playstation with a passion. But then Xbox came around and opened my eyes. I made my own money so I bought every console there was, apart from Sega trash obviously. I've been enjoying multiplatforming ever since.
fuck you.

Sonic The Hedgehog Waiting GIF by Xbox

No one disgraces us Sega kids and gets away with it
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Reverse groomer.
When we were children we didn't realized that Mario fuck a princess, sonic fucks this thing that could bery be nepenthe with a furry costume.
as if.... Sonic only 'fucks' amy in the cringey unofficial fanfics
He has taste, thats why you always see him RUNNING AWAY from her and never towards her

that being said he has more of a chance to get girls than the sweaty fat plumber overdosing on mushrooms ever will :messenger_beaming:


Me and some friends camped out overnight at a local Wall Mart to get a PS2 on launch day and I don't regret it one bit. There was a 24 hour Wawas right down the road so one of us was making food runs all night plus blasting music. It was like a party.


Well I remember one time early highschool when a "friend" had Mortal Kombat on his Megadrive acting all cool and superior. (I had the SNES version) But it was like.. 3 buttons and push select to change ( if you know you know) ofcourse I kicked his ass but in hindsight he had a tough upbringing so whatever. What were they thinking though with that veiwjwevecacafahehwacseeiwjevgsgwuwgwegeysjss =/
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Reverse groomer.
if it wasnt made clear already growing up with Sonic in my childhood made me a very big Sega Fanboy... these days while i don't really care about the modern games in the franchise Sega has managed to surprise me with other franchises under their wing like Persona, Yakuza, Bayonetta (though that's platinumgames and Nintendo as well) among others. I think they're very underrated as a publisher since people only see Sonic's disastrous state and think that reflects on the entire company. They have flaws, i'll admit, i wish they would get Sonic in a better state and i'd wish they'd make more games in their older franchises like Daytona USA and Jet Set Radio, but I don't think it's fair for people to dismiss them as a shite publisher.

I do play a few nintendo games these days, and back in 2015 -2017 with my Wii U i made a lot of great memories with their games and their system, but their anticonsumer tactics as well as me finding more interesting content in PC and Xbox have sort of made me fall out of love with them... Well until 2019 when i jailbroke it. that would be my primary console for a while, until i got my Xbox Series S and then my PC

these days i heavily lean towards PC for the freedom, plus i have quite some esoteric tastes in indie games, Fangames, RPG Maker games (not RPG games in particular) etc. I can play all of that now plus all of the AAA games coming out. If i'm a fanboy of anything it's valve especially, even without steam the hardware they're working on and the games they make tell me that even if they don't make as many games, they're still an innovator in the gaming industry.

Also, capcom. I liked Konami's games but Capcom was always the more consistent publisher quality wise. Konami has fallen off a fucking cliff these days (though their Rhythm games are still the best in the industry). Capcom's 2023 output too just cements the fact they're one of the best AAA publishers out there IMO
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I was that kid who hated on any console that I didn't own, until I got one and then turned into a fanboy.
Except for the Turbo Graphix 16, never owned one, never hated on it. I did rent the console often though.
I grew up in a bubble. My Sega friends always came over to play SNES and I would go play SEGA whenever I could. We would even coordinate birthday and Christmas lists to make sure than nobody on either side had duplicate games to maximize our collective library. I didn't learn about the console wars until I got internet much later and the entire concept baffles me to this day.
That wasn’t a bubble. You were being a regular social human being and spending time in places other than your own home and room.


As a hardware maker - definitely Sega. I think because I always deemed it as an underdog. But I normally bought pretty much all reasonably priced, available consoles.
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