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Compiling a list of Jim Ryan's Arrogant BS.

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May 14, 2015
Oh here we go again, another Jim Ryan thread.

Just listened to Colin Moriarty go on a mini rant about some of Sony's recent transgressions and he barely scratched the surface. Thought it might be helpful to do a full list:

- Initial refusal to implement cross-play

- Abandoning E3, a far cry from the Sony that gave us PSX and The Year of Dreams.

- Trash PS5 news rollout which included months of silence and pretentious Wired articles.

- $70 games and even more insultingly, £70 and €80 ones which are well above the conversion rate. This pricing doesn't only apply to the mega blockbusters but smaller / niche / remaster releases such as Returnal and Nioh 2.

- Disdain towards the idea of playing old games and no efforts for backwards compatibility.

- Lack of PS5 upgrades for games like Bloodborne and TLOU II. Spider-Man is kept behind an Ultimate Edition paywall.

- PC ports which I personally have no issue with but I know some do, especially as we're waiting for PS5 ports / upgrades of extremely obvious blockbusters.

- Deception about the cross-gen nature of Horizon II and Miles Morales.

- Closure of the Vita store despite selling dev kits as recently as a few weeks ago.

- Everything Schrier wrote about yesterday.

Sure I've missed a lot. Feel free to add. Pretty grim eh?

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Apr 12, 2010


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Oct 24, 2017
Wait op I'm just going to pick up my eyes, this thread made me roll my eyes do hard that I dropped them

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Aug 12, 2018
Jim Ryan is not even a gamer right ?

Does anyone here know his psn acount ?

Probably doesnt even exist

Hes your typical white collar businessman
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Jan 7, 2018
Mark Cerny crafted a masterpiece console for what???

So can Sony will put quarter their studios for a fucking TLOU1 remake, because "MUH TV SHOW MUH", can't believe they burned Japan Studio for this kind of shit, and asking for 70$ per game for this kind of trashcan. I can't believe somebody was able to beat Don Mattrick in terms stupidity!!
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