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Coming soon to XboxGamePass: Immortality, Tinykin, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and More!

Anyone tried Tinykin?

Looks pretty fun from the trailer even if I'm not a fan of the main characters design.
Watched the kids finish it this afternoon.
Not sure how much they played Friday but it was short.
Very simple platforming and puzzles but I give it a solid C +.
They did not collect everything and said they were done with the game. I think the kids rated it meh for seen better.


Immortals is basically Ubisoft's BoTW.

Only it's actually fun to play.


What time is it?
Tried some Midnight Fight Express. The menu system and UI feel like a rushed student project. It's a classic 2D brawler married to Hotline Miami's perspective. I think they are going for that Hotline Miami vibe but it has no where near the style. Mechanically it is fine but I don't think I'll stick with it.


Finished Tinykin yesterday, that was quite better than I expected from an indie. It’s heavily inspired by Pikmin but with more platforming and less puzzling.

Only flaw is it’s a bit short but there’s a lot to do in each world.

Pretty great selection this month overall.


I don't know.

I might have expected something different than a open world puzzle game.

Everything's about puzzles. Sometimes you do a puzzle just to complete a second puzzle.
Yeah sacked I;FR off after 10-15 hours on Switch. Aldi’s own brand BOTW. Just made me want to play BOTW. Probably a good game for the poor souls who haven’t got BOTW.

Punished Miku

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Played Immortality for several hours yesterday. I got multiple achievements including some of the big ones but I know I still have many clips to find. I'm leaning towards a 9/10 honestly. It's not something I could recommend to anyone, but if it somehow clicks with you, it's definitely something original. Great game for Gamepass and very glad it clicked for me. Going to play more and try and max out the clips.

This is one of the most niche games I've ever played. I'd recommend it for film nerds who like 70s Italian horror films like Suspiria, also like erotic content and hot girls, also have some interest in filmmaking and editing, and also like Twin Peaks, and also have tolerance for weird FMV games like Night Trap. Is that you?

I actually think the acting was pretty good. I wonder if people criticizing it realized they're trying to act like they're rehearsing? I thought there's lots of decent shots as well. I don't know what kind of cameras they used, but the 90s footage looks like it's from the 90s. The 70s footage looks like it's from the 70s, and there's some great shots outside at night with cool lighting / shadow. The minor horror elements are honestly fantastic but are a minimal part of the game. I could see Kojima tweeting about how this is his GOTY soon. .

Marissa Marcel is smoking hot too, and the game is not shy about letting you enjoy that. Pretty rare to have a game like that these days. It's like you're an obsessed superfan of an ultra-obscure actress, and you're stumbling through rare clips no one else has, piecing together a mystery, getting creeped out with horror elements, while obsessively looking for every spec of footage of her as you fall for her more and more. Can't say I've played a game like that before lol.

The gameplay is nearly non-existent though if you're wondering. It's simulating the experience of watching clips, and doing minor editing. That's it. Click for more clips mostly and some small tweaks.
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Immortality= is making me feel like I'm a creep stalker who is doing homework on an actress that I'm obsessed with. It's really weird. Also it has boobs

Tinykin= kinda gave me a pikmen vibe. It's a fun lil game.

Grid legends= haven't played yet. My current racing game is burnout paradise which is still a ton of fun
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