Cereal before milk or milk before cereal?

Do you pour milk first then add cereal or other way round?

  • Milk first

    Votes: 6 4.1%
  • Cereal first

    Votes: 133 90.5%
  • I don't own a bowl or spoon

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I haven't eaten cereal in forever but JFC how is this even a question? Even the poll is broken. There's one answer:



It’s the various layers of mouthfeels. Not just crunch and munch.

Mmm I will maintain that in the typical setup, the back half of the bowl will become increasingly soggy, the experience goes downhill except to the taste of sog-munchers who are better off eating oatmeal in the first place.

The system is - take whatever amount you'd normally pour in the bowl and divide it by three, those are your cereal dispensations into the milk. You get those first few cronchy bites, and it's enough so that your last bites of the initial dispensation are just getting soaked, then you add the next batch of cereal and it starts over at the maximum cronch. Repeat the third time and you're done. You get the cronch, the mid cronch, but none of the goopy sog.

Obviously there are outliers that the system doesn't apply to such as Grape Nuts, and any savage eating this gruel in the first place is an agent of chaos who neither deserves nor wants an organized system of cereal-to-mouth crunch optimization efficiency.
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I don't own a bowl or a spoon. I pour the milk and choccy cereal into a shaker bottle. Once the mix has soggied sufficiently I scoop it into my mouth with my hand. Of course cereal goes in first in every possible scenario, like the one I just imagined.
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Most of my life I did cereal before milk b/c that seemed intuitive. At some point I saw people discussing it online so I tried milk before cereal, and now I do it that way b/c the cereal stays crunchier. Also I think milk is gross. Give soymilk and oatmilk a shot if you haven't
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Milk first? No one on planet earth has ever purposely poured milk into a bowl before cereal.

OP, you have ruined my day.
I did it once when I was young, just to try it. That was enough to convince me that anyone who would purposely do it a second time, after knowing better, deserves to be on some kind of watch list. Putting new cereal in leftover milk is the only acceptable loophole.
the order of the factors does not alter the product
This is not about math you unfeeling automaton, this is about heart and humanity! You can't measure that with your calculator!!!
My eyes were opened to the True Way some years ago. Simple really, you put how much milk you want, then sit down with the box of cereal. Add a bit of cereal periodically to the milk as you eat - bingo, cereal is never soggy.
Counterpoint: If you stop wasting time taking pictures of your cereal and posting it next to your duck face on Instagram sogginess becomes a non-issue.


Counterpoint: If you stop wasting time taking pictures of your cereal and posting it next to your duck face on Instagram sogginess becomes a non-issue.

Eh, you might want to consider that not everyone eats with the savage speed of a pig at a trough. Slow down and taste your food old boy.
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