CD Projekt Red is 'Totally, Fully Committed' to Cyberpunk Franchise

They only revived their own failed crappy game and that took years.
True enough but what a revival. I mean it's easily the biggest 180 in gaming history, for free, with a team size that wouldn't fill a bus.

Put some money into them and grow their ethos slowly and wow, you've got the scrapheap challenge of studios.


"We are totally and fully commit..."

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"Witcher 4, 5 and 6 are in pre-production stages!"
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The game was a total success, would be dumb to ditch it just because of the bad press, game sold a lot and that's what matters

I've seen a lot of people try to bill it as a complete failure. Probably a lot of studios that would like a failure like 2077, haha. Definitely some bad PR attached to it though.


Yes, the release was disastrous and I blame a lot of initial buyers in part for their own disappointment, I wouldn't have bought it even if I wanted to play it at release due to the shady practices regarding showing the game but to each their own, the thing is that despite that, the game was a total success commercially and still have legs without new content, haters gonna hate and cdpr gonna be shit for mistreating their customers but the game was a total hit
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