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Retro Trailer Indie Castlevania Remade as Doom-Style FPS Is Gory, Glorious - Mod Gameplay


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Castlevania has taken many forms throughout its long history, and it returns once again in this fan made game that essentially remakes the original Castlevania for NES and gives it an original Doom first-person makeover.

The mod in question is called Castlevania: Simon's Quest which was created by developer Batandy and is currently available for free to download on itch.io. The game drops you into a first-person perspective, and has you battling all of the nightmarish creators found in Konami's original Castlevania. Here you'll whip killer skeletons, creepy bats, and basically every candle you can find.

The mod also features several difficulty options, but be warned, in traditional Castlevania fashion, one wrong move can deplete your health incredibly fast, and the ever elusive health regening pork chops are few and far between. Good luck!

Mod download - https://batandy.itch.io/simonsdestiny


Jul 1, 2009
It'd be better if there were less overall candles but they gave more of the 5 heart drops. Too much candle whipping compared to fighting enemies, but otherwise that looks fun as hell.

El Sueño

Jan 19, 2020
Konami I do hate you, give the ips to Sony, Santa Monica would know how to treat Castlevania and Metal Gear would suit to Guerrilla/Sony Japan.