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Business Game Dev Capcom made Resident Evil: Village less scary to be more accessible than RE7


Dec 4, 2018
One segment in 8 is scarier than any game ever made including 7.

as a little, easily scared pussy... I really don't get that... I had no issue with the "baby"
I explained in an earlier reply why.

well what is scary is very subjective. the moment I had my weapons taken from me I stopped being scared. because the game basically tells you that there's nothing coming that can hurt you really, and everything that could come that can potentially hurt you can be outrun and in order to work as a gameplay element it can't really be that complex or hard to beat.

that thought alone of, "there's no real danger here" made it way less scary for me than even walking down a corridor in say RE1.

of course there's a potential for jump scares or something but those don't really scare me.

it was a small gamedesign flaw to take away your inventory in that section imo and would have been more effective if it was just handled like any other part of the game, with potential danger lurking on every corner. every creepy doll a potential enemy that you have to shoot if needed

so that's super subjective. I am super stressed out and scared when I play REmake, almost all the way through the game, but that part in RE8 didn't scare me really.
like, it's literally more scary to me to simply walk down a hallway in RE1 or 2

to me, lurking danger is scary. and I explained why I didn't feel that in that section, maybe right at the end for 5 seconds because it was a really close call

edit: on a sidenote... I sound the design of it kinda funny tbh... which will also be not relatable to many, but yeah
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Rhazer Fusion

May 2, 2006
In my own world.
This is exactly why that section was immediately non-tense for me. This is a game where you blast things, not having blasty-things means nothing can hurt you, or at the very least you'll be able to easily outrun whatever might show up. It also means when something does show up it will at the climax of the puzzle. Gamedesign 101 is not on their side for that section, though it would've been great in a different kind of game like amnesia. 🤷‍♂️
Heh, makes sense. For some reason I was thinking that some monsters were going to pop out of the cabinets or start chasing after me from behind in the later parts of the doll house. Then again, I suppose that would be annoying having to solve puzzles and hide from enemies over and over again, so I’m not complaining.
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Feb 10, 2020
Just finished RE8 last night and have tosay I'm not sure how people come to the conclusion that it's not as good as RE7 it's overall quality is better.

Agreed. I loved 7 but this is absolutely a better overall game. Its at the edge of the top 5 for me behind REmake, 2, 4 and maybe RE2make.


May 19, 2020
Nothing in RE7, or basically any RE, is as scary as the 2nd Boss' area in RE8 so I call major bullshit on this.

Somebody's just lying.


Nov 20, 2016
I have beat RE7 flat and VR, this i have played 4h and only time i got momentarily scared was certain sector in Beneviento mission. This far this has way less tension than RE7, but in RE7 tension also ease a lot when you get out of the first house. I have liked the game so far, but wouldn't call this a horror game, its a action game with a horror elements.
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Sep 17, 2011
I found resident evil 8 to have scary moments

overall I found it a superior game to 7, others will disagree with that. 8 was a “return to resident evil form” for me


Aug 6, 2019
The Dollhouse was the best part of this game. Very much PT influenced.

Capcom, please dont tone it down. Ever. Ever again.

maybe put a option.

Clean pants mode
Shit your pants mode.


Jun 26, 2019
I don't know where this notion of RE7 being scary comes from.

At the time people moaned about it not being scary at all.

I mean. C'mon Jack Baker is hillarious with the shit he comes out with. Margerite was just annoying screeching and Lucas was just an unhinged saw fanboy.