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Capcom Cup 2019 | Hot Diggedy Dog

Kenji Ramon




Lets go Idom.
Lmao you only added the Capcom stream it’s in many languages on Twitch. Right now it’s at 125k viewers with twitch + Youtube. But it’s okay, the matches are so good right now.
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I won't say never, but it's hard not to choke vs Punk when he's so good at suffocating opponents.

Edit: Would be really funny to see Punk get second now that the majority of us are predicting his victory.

Very unlikely based on how well Punk is holding it down and how shaky Idom was when they fought. You can't rule out an upset, but it would be really surprising.

It's fine, Punk is the best player on paper anyways, now he'll be the best player at the bank too.

F-word and Logan hilarious!
Idom doesn't have a mental advantage vs Punk like Tokido and Bonchan do either.

Too true. Idom has to be feeling the pressure.

Fuuuck yeah, idom. That was great. Her comeback ability is amazing to watch. Such an exciting character. If he could win Cap Cup and design a new bikini for Laura? Dream come true :)
Now I gotta go to work, so I cant watch the finals live :(

Sucks you gotta go. Come on, Idom! Spirit bomb! Win it all and design an official nude mod costume!

I bet all idom was thinking about was all the things he could've done better with poison; he ready to take it now.

I want to believe
Idom, you absolute mad lad

EDIT: 2-2

EDIT: No WAY! Are we doing this?


EDIT: Idom reset the bracket, Laura vs Karin

EDIT: HAHAHAHA MAD LAD, Idom up 1 game
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You don't think punk is so cocky he is throwing the fight to reverse 3-0 do you? That's absurd....right?

Not cocky, Punk's already gotten quite a lot of prize money in SFV. Idom hasn't. I wouldn't completely rule out Punk being a good guy in this weird manner.

Too many decisions that didn't make sense. Edit: I'm referring to the weird non-confirms, playing with his food when super is on deck, backthrowing Idom when he was already in corner.
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