Capcom announced Capcom Fighting Collection and Street Fighter 6


Hopefully they release a full product this time. And happy to see it's back to being multi platform (probably not switch though lol)

Airbus Jr

Litigate my emotions, daddy!
Not a fan of this new Hulk Ryu man

Way too bulky even for ryu
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When companies put out these online collection games that will inevitably die quickly because no crossplay, I wish they would show you how many players are playing each game from the main screens so you would know if it is even a waste of time to launch the game and queue up, etc.
Yep. Most of these games are available online with Arcade1Up machines. And those communities aren’t thriving.

I *do* however like the tiered online though. If I go online with A1Up, I get destroyed by someone who’s pro level.


They just revived the entire Genre with 4 so you either a casual or don’t understand the scene

Sorry, neither.

Just prefer the older and what I think are better games. I appreciate a lot of the things that were removed for the SF4 launch and haven't made it back yet. The things that were added to make way for 09'ers tend to be the things that I dislike, as an old school player. If you love the scene, you'll know it shrank in familiarity as well as it expanded with fresh blood in 09. Nobody can say that is incorrect without outing themselves.

I do appreciate Ono and what he did for the scene, but I would argue that he never made a great Street Fighter game. I'm glad he has been replaced as lead on SF.
Do we know platforms?

Probably all of them, but...

While I don't listen to most of what these dudes have to say anymore (other than Benji, but mainly for his sales-related data), IF it turns out that it is PlayStation-exclusive again, you can't really get mad at Sony or Capcom here. Only Microsoft, because it'd be a full-on indicator they didn't care enough to at least ensure the game hit their own platform (yet they can spend billions on Zenimax and Activision-Blizzard). Would also make you have to ask how little were they doing in preparation for 9th-gen prior to 2020.

...but that's only if you believe these dudes and, well, they've been so wrong on quite a lot of stuff the past year (especially Xbox-related) that I don't think they're worth taking seriously TBH (besides Benji Sales; he seems to at least know his data when it comes to NPD stuff).

...also I still kind of don't get why so many people are pissed off at the art style. I think the final style will strike a great balance, and chars like Luke already look way better.

EDIT: Also I'm actually curious if they could bring this to the Switch. I mean, 3DS got its own version of SFIV back in the day; Switch is very underpowered compared to the new Xbox & PlayStation consoles but it could run a decent version of the game especially if they're still (somewhat wastefully, IMO) supporting PS4 & XBO with native versions.

And they did port some versions of RE Revelations to Switch as well, so the engine can scale to that specification well enough. Would be a big boon for the game with more casual players and considering few other fighters have Switch versions it'd make SF6 unique in that regard on the platform.

and now with SFVI looking like fucking Mortal Kombat

But SF actually has good animations!

Semi J/K please don't go after me for that MK fans!
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If it was only PS Sony would have put out a PS trailer or would have announced. Nah, it's coming to Xbox. It's probably cross gen which is why Capcom did not announce platforms. They don't want people bitching about it being on PS4 and Xbox One.

I just don't see why Capcom would go PS only again when the launch of SF5 was a disaster. They need this on as many devices as possible, especially with it being laden with microtransactions.
In for the Fighting Collection. It's really awesome that it doesn't clash with anything that has been released by Capcom so far for the current generation/PC.

Finally I can retire my PS2 Darkstalkers collection.


Won't happen. 2d sprites are long gone.

I know. But in reality why cant they?
Im probably missing something but teams are bigger and tech is better. People still love 2D sprites in indie games and they like 2D looking games like Dragon Ball and Blaze Blue etc. They dont look 3D.
People still play 2D mechanics and simple looking games like Donkey Kong tropical freeze etc. Im pretty sure people would buy a 2D Street Fighter, especially a Alpha Side game.

Capcom released like 20+ 2D fighting games between 90-2000. And they made plenty of money. Fans would buy it, do some dlc packages for extra characters and stages. Nothing they havent done before

Between 1993-1997 they released:
Super Street Fighter
Xmen children of the Atom
Marvel Super Heroes
Street Fighter Alpha 1,2
Street Fighter 3
Dark Stalkers 1, 2, 3
The whole Marvel Vs Capcom with Xmen vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Street Fighter
Rival Schools
Puzzle Fighter
Soon after they released SNK vs Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and 3rd Strike

Thats plenty of games and sequels and new 2D sprites and stages Etc. Technically they can do it and they could easily make it look like KOF 13 or a new 3rd strike

Instead of making Street Fighter look chunkier and chunkier with a different paint of textures and colours.


Just some though, Yuzuke Hashimoto that was at Platinium games so now is with Capcom and works on SF6, rencently we've heard weird things from Platinium like they're financically struggling, guess this tie together, Yuzuke could be not the only dev that left Platinium.


SF6 is an immediate pass for me with this art direction. Darkstalkers on the otherhand is a slam dunk especially with Red Earth included.


looks like Ryu and the other dude been soaking up gamma the collection def want some puzzle fighter action!!


Is there any chance, we'll be getting a full Vampire Savior? Probably not since Savior 2 and Hunter 2 are on here... And we didn't get SFZ3 Upper either did we. This will fracture an already niche game online.
Is there any chance, we'll be getting a full Vampire Savior? Probably not since Savior 2 and Hunter 2 are on here... And we didn't get SFZ3 Upper either did we. This will fracture an already niche game online.
what do you mean a "full" Vampire Savior? like a version with Dee from the PS2 collection?
DOA, Tekken, Virtua fighter, Soulcalibur, MK and new Capcom
SNK, old Capcom and Arcsys

They left the 2d fighter look where each developer had a distinct style to join the big boy 3d crew where everything feels the same despite being from completely different devs. Impressing through tech rather than having an actual personality is how you make a game forgettable, its also going to age like milk. Nobody ever talks about the style of 3d fighters because there is none, you can look at whatever the new UE tech demo is and imagine exactly how it will be. This is just as disappointing as the next Zelda looking like horizon zero dawn or an assassins creed game.
I do see your point, but to me the anime style while generally stylish is no longer unique. The old Arc System games, old Capcom and SNK games all imo looked quite distinctive. It seemingly first started when Capcom created SF:Alpha which I thought looked less impressive than older Capcom fighters like SSF2. Now most of the 2D fighters at least to me look almost homogenized and seemingly rarely pushes the hardware.

I actually think games like DOA, Tekken, MK, SC and VF basically had their own distinct styles going even though most of them were going for more realism. SC, MK and Tekken to me look different from each other and even DOA and VF had their own vibe and themes going. Most 2D fighters typically go for a heavy anime aesthetic that seems so common in games now. I think SF5 was a pretty good balance of realism and a little anime which made it stand out. Also, 3D fighters are extremely rare now while 2D fighters are much more common, so that’s probably one reason I think most 2D fighters look so similar now.
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NGL he would make a for a great Sagat in a live-action adaptation. However you'd get the usual Twitter Complaint Brigade crying about representation because he isn't Thai.

Are these assholes going to at least have sf6 be 4k this time? I'm still annoyed sf5 never got patched

I think that's guaranteed. Fighters have less background calculations going on than other genres like open-world games, and only two character models to render & animate (in full) on screen at a time. Leaves a lot of room for high native resolutions even while going for 60 FPS (which is mandatory).

SFV probably didn't get patched because they were trying to basically save the game from failure in the first couple of seasons, and prioritized content & characters. It was the right decision IMO, but by the time SFV came into its own it was a bit late to probably go back and update things for a higher native resolution.

Assuming dev has been smooth, SF6 shouldn't have that problem.
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But you can get the superior game: the original Super Street Fighter II Turbo. (Via the 30th Anniversary Collection)

Super Turbo HD > Ultra > Super Turbo

I have that, just always had a soft spot for the HD Remix.

HD Remix has by far the best balancing and gameplay... even Ultra was a huge step back due to all the Super Turbo fanboys wanting their overrated unbalanced game back -_-
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