Can someone explain the reason(s) Obsidian wasn't even considered to develop Baldurs Gate 3?


Note: I fully trust Larian to deliver an amazing, genre-pushing game with BG3. I am in no way trying to push a "Larian are the wrong devs" angle. D:OS2 is top 3 gaming experiences for me.

I'm just wondering why, in general discussion, no-one seemed to even consider Obsidian as hypothetical alternatives when Larian revealed they were developing BG3.

They were the first team that came to mind when i thought about a possible BG3.
It just seemed to make sense, with the art style in their games being the middle ground between old crpgs and the new age. Static yet visually exciting backgrounds, an instantly familiar hud, and so on.

They even had a mix of both realtime with pause and turn-based gameplay by Pillars 2, even if it was obviously designed around Rtwp.

Why did the studio that released this

Not even end up in the discussion to develop a sequel to this?

The only reasons I can think of are:
- Obsidia's use of a custom rulebook for Pillars' mechanics (Same with Larian in the Divinity games, I believe)
- From documentaries it seems Larian got there first (doesn't explain why apparently no-one even considered them)
There has to be more though, so what am I missing?
I've played all infinity games, DA:O, Divinity 2.

Have you played Poe2? Mechanics wise, it's bland as hell. All their boss fights were so bland, none were memorable.
Story wise? The worst, not one of the worst, but the WORST endgame in all crpg imo, even the story thin Icewind Dale was miles better than this.
Design wise? Who the hell thought ship battles was anything but trash?

I love crpgs. I've never played any crpg and thought "I want my time back", until Poe2.


The team that made Baldurs Gate does not exist any longer? It might say Obsidian on the door - but that's branding and should be viewed as such.
Because money. I like old school CRPGs but they sell terribly. Baldur's Gate 3 has nothing to do with the old games except the name- sooner you accept that the better.


Obsidians music certainly hasn't dropped off in quality. PoE1 and 2 have way WAY WAY better soundtrack than anything Divinity has ever done.

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Your opinion is the minority so it isn’t important
My opinion is important to myself and whomever cares about it. Never said it was important to everyone, you dumbass. The opinion of some critic is not more important than mine and that's how it should be for every each and one of us. Now go suck IGN's fat ass.
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Obsidian isn't associated with BG. They are associated with Fallout. They should do Fallout 3 (the real one, isometric).
Larian is funding the game with D:OS ii money.

Apparently it has sold well.

One of the reasons WOTC agreed with turn based combat.


And Baldur's Gate had memorable boss fights? You could finish whole game spamming fireballs using wands by all of your characters.
Way more memorable than Poe2. Kangaxx, Draconis and many more has different tricks up their sleeve. Not only Baldur's Gate, Divinity, Iwd all have more tricks than Poe2. Nah, many of the enemies have magic safeguards, fireballs won't do the job. I'd like you see winning with fireballs all the way through Amelysan.

Poe2 supposedly endgame Neriscrylas, what does she do, pretty much nothing, just hack it to death, if you interrupt her Llengrath's safeguard, then that's it. Then you meet Rymgand Bow, and how it goes? Same thing, except even way easier without Llengrath's safeguard, and these 2 were supposed to be endgame bosses.

Then if you do "some" good deeds midgame, you don't even see the final boss on poe2, enter Ukaizo and boom THE END. And if you did, there is literally 0 context and reason on why you are fighting it, it's jus "end boss". Literally the worst endgame in all crpg.


Because money. I like old school CRPGs but they sell terribly. Baldur's Gate 3 has nothing to do with the old games except the name- sooner you accept that the better.
eh not really crpgs fault, it's mostly because most crpgs nowadays suck. Dragon Age Origins is still considered old school rpg, just with 3d, and it sells really well.
Divinity 2 sold well too because it is a good crpg, not because it was "modern".


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Given that Obsidian made Outer Worlds, I am pretty glad they are not making BG3...
I couldn't stand one of my favourite game series getting the "completely safe & painfully mediocre popcorn cinema gameplay" treatment.

Now I can expect (at least on higher difficulties) a game that will challenge me like the original games did and might have gameplay that hasn't been seen in 1000 games before it...
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