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Call someone you know and tell them you love them. Tell them what they mean to you.


“Aww, it’s so...average,” she said to him in a cold brick of passion
Just found out that a close member of my family has passed away. Completely unexpected because he was only in his early 50's. Heart failure. Still kind of shocked because I had talked to them just a few days ago. It always sounds so cliché, but you really don't know who or what you have until it is gone. And I feel like I missed a lot of opportunities to learn from them or even just to talk to them. I feel like there was a lot I could have learned from him. He was a really handy guy. Fixed his own cars, changed his own oil, etc. Just a guy that knew his way around tools. I feel like I missed out on learning some real skills from him. I could have spent weekends with him while he worked on his cars. We could have complained at each other about sports or politics. But he was "young" to me so I had time. Or at least I thought I did. Now I am sitting here thinking about all the weekends I wasted playing my games or going to bars when I could have sat on his porch and just talked. It feels like time wasted.

So take a minute. Think of all the people you love and especially those that you haven't talked to in a bit. Call them and tell them that you love them or just talk about stuff. Anything. Ask them about their recipes that you love. Their advice on stuff. Ask them what they think about this or that. Anything at all. It's the weekend. You have the time and they will probably be free. Because they may not be there forever and you may regret not doing it when you had the chance. You never know what might happen or when.

Everyone try to stay safe. I wish everyone good health and good times.
Sorry to hear that NI, that's rough man. My Uncle went out the same way, a heart attack out of nowhere. I was used to seeing my family members get slowly sick and pass away but it was very sudden and shocking with my uncle. The worst part is that we had a family vacation on the beach that year and he choose not to go. I could at least had one more vacation with him.

I agree, be thankful for the time you have with family and friends because you never know when you could lose them. Cherish the moments you have with loved ones.
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Sorry for your loss.
And yeah, never take your time with others for granted. You never know what might happen, regardless of their age or health.


Sorry to hear that bud, it's bloody horrible when it happens, nothing comes close.

I know I probably clash with most on this forum through being an obnoxious twat on more than one occasion posting nonsense but if you ever need to chat properly then chuck us a message.

B D Joe

Bereavement is one of the worst things we ever experience.

Knowing you can never speak with that special person again is indescribable and nothing can prepare you for that loss. But know you're not alone and if you ever neer a shoulder to cry on or somebody to talk to then just ask 👍


As the days go on and on we all come closer to the time where we will experience a devastating and sudden loss of a person in our circle of trusted companions. We can lean on each other here, in sharing that burden, and you're post here proves that we do indeed hold up one another in times of emotional hardship.

Please do what makes you happy in their honor, and find some peace to know that those that do pass would honor us in much the same manner: among friends.


Well said, sorry for your loss. The bonds you have with the people you love and care for are truly the most important thing in the world. I tell everyone I can, take the time to reconnect with that friend or relative, CALL them, be with them, and you will be enriched.


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Sorry for your loss OP.
You're completely right. During the pandemic I've lost 2 aunts, 1 uncle, and a cousin. Life is short.


I feel like there was a lot I could have learned from him. He was a really handy guy. Fixed his own cars, changed his own oil, etc. Just a guy that knew his way around tools.

I don't think you could have learned anything relevant. My father was like this, but to an extreme, always in the garage, cared more about his fucking cars than his own children. I don't have much sympathy for this type. Maybe he could have reached out to you more, about things you liked?

Well I guess that's a cynical response. You are a solid poster here at GAF and you have my sympathies for your loss.
Sorry about your loss.. it’s hard to lose someone close.. sending lots of hugs! 💗

This really is something I think of everyday, to lose the people I care about. But I’m thankful for all the memories I’ll always have with me from loved ones that has passed away. They will always live on in my heart ❤️ I know my grandparents are starting to get old and I’m scared. I really try to appreciate every moment I have with them.

Be strong by letting yourself grieve for as long as you need. He seemed to have lived a wonderful life. He will always be with you in your heart.
Take care and spend time with your loved ones ❤️
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As I posted in another thread about a gentleman whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer (and not to hijack anything)... yes, take this advice to heart.

My mom was diagnosed with large cell lung cancer and given 2-5yrs roughly.... 3 months later, she can no longer speak and we have sad as many goodbyes as we can. She sits at my house in hospice now.

I am breaking apart internally but have to keep going to support my family.

Cherish every moment you have with the people you care about. Text/call them whenever you can.
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