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Call of Duty Vanguard is getting a free trial just 2 weeks after launch


So playing the new trial. Are the game mode options hobbled for the trail or is this how the full game is now? The only thing I can find a match on is the Donkey Kong vs Godzilla diorama map.

If so, no wonder it’s a failure. And if the demo is hobbled, who the hell would buy the full after thinking it’s this shit?
There are few playlists like haus 24/7 that should be selectable. In full game you can select for example tdm only playlist.
Can’t select any modes like tdm in trial, why limit it like this? It’s idiotic and off putting, does not sell the full game at all.

I mainly play TDM in COD and not letting me try my favorite mode exclusively is pretty dumb

I thought by the way they worded this trial it was all open but guess not


This is what happens when you release the same damn game every year for several years running. You can only have so many different ideas until eventually it becomes stale and nobody really cares anymore.

2019’s Modern Warfare was the exception, that was a well received title — but Cold War in 2020 and now Vanguard in 2021 are just lackluster entries. We really don’t need a Call of Duty game every year

Vanguard is basically a woke take on WWII, and the majority of “normal” people are tired of woke things, and also uninterested in the theme of WWII. Combined together, you get what you see: lukewarm reception and potentially lower than expected sales.

I can assume that Vanguard will be one of the lowest selling Call of Duty titles in recent memory.

Are you talking about the story line? Because I think the game itself, mechanics, graphics, movement, environment, etc. is very good.
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