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Business Insider: 'Halo Infinite' struggling

Contrary to those plummeting Steam numbers — the game has dropped from a concurrent peak of over 260,000 to below 10,000 players at the time of writing — our data from the last week actually shows a very slight increase in Halo Infinite's Xbox player base, with more than 10% of all tracked Xbox accounts having played Infinite in the last seven days. You have to assume that the vast majority of that early influx in Steam players was purely due to the game's multiplayer being free


I imagine alot of people like myself stopped playing on Steam when the campaign launched and installed it on MS store instead. Top 5 most played on Xbox. Really dumb article.

I played it on Steam first for a few weeks then bought an Xbox. I'm one less player to count even though I played squarely into Microsoft's hands.


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I wonder how much better it could do in Australia with player selected server regions and solid content month on month after launch as well as better anti-cheat and sync issues.

Currently number 7 on Aussie Xbox charts.
I still play daily with a mate, but we definitely need more maps and the option to turn of cross-play.
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