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Bungie is hiring a creative director for a new 3rd-person action game (vcg)



Bungie is in the process of recruiting a creative director to work on a new third-person action game.

The studio hasn’t publicly announced what it’s working on beyond Destiny 2, but it has said on multiple occasions that it plans to bring at least one new IP to market by 2025.

One of those projects could be a third-person action title, based on a job listing on the company’s website.

“As Creative Director, you will be the tip of the spear to define the vision and features for a new 3rd-person action game at Bungie!” it reads. “You will work with the project’s leadership and executive team to create and iterate on a vision document, a feature list, and technical specs.

“You will drive the creative vision for multiple stages of playable prototypes to prove out and iterate on that vision. You will participate directly in the creation and iteration of playable prototypes at all stages of development.”

Separate Bungie job listings for a level designer and environment artist (spotted by The Game Post) may or may not be related to the studio’s new third-person action project.

Both positions list “experience working on character-focused third-person action games (platformers, isometric, etc)” under “nice-to-have-skills.”

The level designer position also requires the successful candidate to have “experience building and iterating upon a multiplayer level for a PVP game.”

It was announced in January that Sony is set to purchase Bungie in a deal worth $3.6 billion.

Bungie said at the time that existing and future games currently in development will not be exclusive to PlayStation platforms following Sony‘s acquisition of the company.


They get bought by Sony and are making a "Snoy game" withing a month? I'm somewhat interested because Bungie has always managed to have rock solid mechanics in their games if nothing else.
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