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Borderlands 3 Is 2K Fastest Selling Game Yet


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

According to this reporting, Borderlands 3 has sold nearly 14 million units across all platforms between the initial launch in September 2019 through October 2021. This accounts for almost 20% of all sales for the series across the three numbered titles and the spin-off Borderlands titles or side games, such as Tales from the Borderlands or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The total sales themselves aren't entirely surprising against the rest of the series, but the rate at which copies are being sold is a clear showing that players have been eager to jump back into the long-running franchise after the success of Borderlands 2.

To compare the overall sales across the sales, however, the report also points out that Borderlands 2 is currently the top-selling title under the 2K Games umbrella with over 25 million sales across all platforms. So, while Borderlands 3 fans haven't grown the game quite to that same goal, it is still on pace to possibly surpass that impressive milestone over a similar amount of time. Regardless of how it compares, these are still incredible sales numbers that show continued success of the series as it continues to grow over a decade after the franchise's first release.



Probably fastest selling because Epic likely paid for sales of millions of copies up front in exchange for EGS timed exclusivity
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The game is actually pretty good if you play it with the sound off so you can ignore the terrible story and dialogue.


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
its a good game, tbh i dont really care much about the story, so it doesnt matter much to me.


Was addicted to BL2 at one point but didn't even tried BL3. I guess I am done with that playstyle for atleast another 5-10 years. Crazy numbers though, how come nobody was able to replicate this formula.


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I'm glad the franchise is still healthy as I love it, but 3 was easily the worst. Story, playable characters, world design, just everything.

Fingers crossed for the Tina Tiny game. Her BL2 DLC was so good.


The characters and dialogue really sunk the game for me. BL2 worked because the gameplay was crazy good, and the dialogue and characters were good enough that you didn’t mind spending more time with them. BL3, I couldn’t wait for people to shut the fuck up so I could at least enjoy the gameplay.
Jeez, I guess you guys really hate this game. I've been saving it to play on ps5, grabbed it for a tenner. 4k60 should look really nice and I liked the look of the beserk chick character with the multi arms. Going to be the next game I play.
If you get past the feminist story and characters which are utter garbage, the game offers the same amount of fantastic experience as previous ones. The soundtrack is incredible, the maps as well and the gameplay is pretty much the same. If you're a fan theres no reason not to get it.


Borderlands 3 is the Diablo 3 of the franchise.

The writers should be locked in a room and made to play the originals at gunpoint.

Shao Kahn

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Really surprised. I would thought people have lost interest considering it came 8 years after 2 and 7 years after last game.

And that time games like Destiny,Division,many gacha F2P games(warframe etc),ghost recon stuff came out.

But I guess people like it's shitty art style and non existing weapon feelings
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