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[Bloomberg] Electronic Arts Removes Multiplayer Mode From Dragon Age Game in Big Pivot


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What type of multiplayer garbage would you put in DA?

I wonder if you could make it like a D&D game and just have everyone playing together through the story. Taking on roles and working together.


What was that Thanos meme?
"You couldn't live with your failure (multi-player), so where'd that bring you? Back to me (Single Player)."


This is great news. I don't mind if companies create multiplayer mode as something completely separate, but it's annoying if it's being inserted into a traditional singleplayer RPG campaign.
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And why having a multiplayer mode should be a bad things? I've seen a lot of single player games that they add a multiplayer mode like TLoU or Ghost of Tsushima. If the main game is good I can't see why even the multiplayer mode shouldn't be good imho.


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Those idiots realize good single player games sell now? Oh well better late than never. Hopefully other companies take notice.
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