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Rumor Bloodborne: Endless Nocturne


Candy Corn Aficionado
Apr 12, 2010
My best friend's little brother's classmate once saw Mark Cerny in the mall. Bloodborne remake is going to be a launch game for the Switch Pro.
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Dec 11, 2016
Just adding a 60fps to this masterpiece makes it double dipping worthy. To me if it comes to PC... Well gonna get it there.


May 10, 2012
My best friend's little brother's classmate once saw Mark Cerny in the mall. Bloodborne remake is going to be a launch game for the Switch Pro.

First screenshots:

Man that Switch is a beast of a console.


Feb 17, 2019
Manches, Amsterdam, Berlin
Bloodborne on PS5 and PC is kind of the rumour that I simply believe in because it makes so much sense and that game desperately needs a god damn improvement to the load times, resolution and framerate/frametimes.

I, myself, haven't seen anything substantial or any suggestions that Sony might actually do it and I have been disappointed every single time that some shared this rumor for the past 12 months or longer, but I will still continue to think that it has a very good possibility of happening.

If only for the SOLE reason of having something from FROM to show at a Playstation event. Not everyone might've realized it yet, but FROM Software is a key public perception play. There is a reason Xbox paid big bucks to have the first teaser shown at Xbox E3 two years ago. There is a reason Geoff Keighly wanted it at the finisher at the game awards. There is a reason Sony went with Demon's Souls Remake as their first PS5 Exclusive to push the console and sell it. They could've released it on PS4 in 1080p 30fps (they still might).

It basically is a no brainer to show Bloodborne Enhanced at a Sony event. People will eat that shit up and call that show a win.

FROM Software games are like a drug for those addicted. I include myself in that, because I have played ever single soulsbornekiro game and there is no substitute for it. If Elden Ring comes out? Day1. Bloodborne with 60fps and 4K and faster loading times? Day 1. Sekiro 2? Day 1. Miyazaki Only fans Underwear X Belle Delphine Crossover ? Day1. And everyone in the industry knows that.
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Jul 8, 2018
Could you imagine if Silent Hill and Bloodborne remakes got announced for PS5/PC during the PS event. NeoGaf would implode haha. It would be almost as biblical as the FF7 remake announcement. Personally, I don’t have a wont for a Silent Hill remake, but I would be buzzing for the fans. Bloodborne, on the other hand, I would be all over that.


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Mar 8, 2021
Abandoned is bloodborne 2 confirmed then, directed by Kojima, supported by Fromsoftware team


Feb 24, 2015
I want this, sure. But again, potentially just another BS rumor with a little bit more "effort" sprinkled on it.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

A couple days ago I made a thread about the impending release of Bloodborne Endless Nocturne for PC/PS5. Since it's getting some traction in the news I'll expand on it a little more with some tidbits on Sony's PC endeavors.
>Full DualSense support on PS5/PC like AC:Valhalla. Sony will be releasing wireless drivers and an API for solutions like the Steam Controller to use
>4K/60FPS targeted on PS5 with unlimited frame rates and arbitrary resolution support on PC but the physics will be locked to 60
>From Software has been sitting on a couple ideas for trick weapons that might get added but otherwise no major content additions
>QLOC handling the heavy lifting for the PC technical features.
>Features FidelityFX support most notably Super Resolution as a spatial upscaler along with CACAO as part of a new partnership with AMD. Future Sony titles will use an open source equivalent to DirectStorage in collaboration with the Khronos Group for Vulkan
>Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection is releasing in September for PC and being remastered for PS5 so they're targeting a Q4 2021 release that may be delayed into early 2022
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Dec 2, 2018
Pff ..easy millions of copies sold and on pc it will outsell console sales in the long run, but trust me, launch numbers will be huge. If it does happen, so many will eat crow here.
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Mar 12, 2009
I am hoping for a free upgrade if true (at least for digital owners), but if not, something reasonable, like 10$.


Mar 11, 2019

"BLOODBORNE: ENDLESS NOCTURNE to be announced in September for PS5 and Steam with release in November. It is a port of the PS4 version and is being handled by a small team at From Soft. It will target 4k 60FPS on console (PC is uncapped with resolutions up to 8K).

There will be some minor texture upgrades, but don't expect a remake or anything, it is basically a direct port."

Bloodborne PC rumor number 694.
And the source is 4chan.
How compelling
Mar 28, 2021
oh amygdala have pity on us poor bastards and grant us eyes.

i have long since given up any hope of it coming to PC. if it does then great i'll buy it but i ain't believing anything until i see a official announcement.
Mar 28, 2021
oh look another "leak"....

Bloodborne: Hunters edition will be coming to PS5 at launch and PC 6-12 months after launch
-no new levels but the cainhurst castle and cathedral ward will be expanded upon

-3 new right hand weapons:

the cainhurst flail

the coldblood coil (a coil of flowing blood that covers your arm and greatly enhances your fist damage, transforms to a long range whip)

the Kos placenta (the placenta that the Orphan of Kos uses in his fight, although dont expect the same moveset as the boss)

-3 new left hand weapons:

the cosmic revolver (a pistol that scales highly with arcane)

the impact rifle (a double barrel shotgun that has very weak reach but does very high damage at point blank range, recovers slowly between shots and each shots takes up 2 silver bullets)

the great one's touch (a red tentacle that can be swung around to stun enemies and parry them)

-2 performance modes on ps5:

quality mode: 30 fps at native 4K with ray traced shadows

performance mode: 60 fps at 1440p upscaled to 4k with lower quality ray traced shadows

-NPC lip-synicing

-some NPCs skin color or ethnicity may change

-QOL features:

colorblind filters

vastly improved loading times on PS5

re-mappable controls

warping from area to area without having to visit the dream

-additional notes:

PC version will be capped at 60 fps

no new bosses or enemies

chalice dungeons will remain the same

release date is targeting late January/early February to catch up with the elden ring hype

reveal/announcement date is currently unknown

-the Hunters edition will be packed with the DLC like DaSR

-20$ upgrade if you have the base game without the DLC

-10$ upgrade if you have the base game and the DLC

-free upgrade if you own the GOTY edition

Bloodborne: Hunters edition will be developed by NIXXES Software BV and Sony Asobi Team
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Jun 1, 2021
I think the good thing about these games is that they all have very different play styles and differnt things are difficult in each of them. I think in difficulty they're all pretty equal but different games better suit play styles.

I thought that this was worth sharing.