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Opinion Drama Bit tired of same tropes and cliches in action games


Aug 19, 2013
Don't you feel a bit tired of same formulas in battle mechanics, level design and enemies in many or most of recent and upcoming games?
There's always this classification of enemies that get into cliche realm, dealing with them in the same way. A big brute enemy that stomps the floor, the quick and small goblins, the giant boss like an ogre with one weak spot, the ghosts that can be hit only with magic etc.
Check the God of War and Guardians of the galaxy trailers from yesterday both showcased these enemies behaving almost in the same way.
Gets in the way of art just to come up with fillers to justify the costs involved making huge AAAAAAA whatever games.
In my opinion we need more distilled, perfected games with smaller scopes but with stronger punchlines in all regards.
Anyway just a rant, peace and have a nice weekend!