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BioShock Gets a Stunning Remaster in Unreal Engine 5, Thanks to a Fan


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Recently, a modder who had already remastered the original BioShock game in Unreal Engine 4, decided to import the project into Unreal Engine 5, and hopefully, the result was incredible enough to share it online with fans.

Using the game’s original textures and tweaking them has helped a lot for this unofficial remaster to look exactly like an official remaster from the game. If you ignore some of the clunky animations, the game is almost played as the original version with the same UI, same environment, and same characters.

Now, if you are planning to get your hands on this unofficial remaster as soon as possible, I’m sorry to tell you that the modder, noodlespagoodle, will not launch it as a public project. In fact, he has only remastered a small part of BioShock, and he has no plans for a full remaster in the future.

Although the community’s kind reaction might help to encourage the modder for a full remaster, but regarding that the game belongs to Take-Two Interactive, sooner or later the project will probably be forced to shut down, similar to what the company did to many Grand Theft Auto mods previously.


Looks nice. Always was an amazing-looking game, so just using more modern effects and lighting and filtering to bring out the best of the details already there helps.

I'm not sure what UE5 does for this project though? Anybody know if there is a work doc / post-mort about what he tried to do with the project or anything like that? (The guy's art site has no text so I assume not.) Having Lumen handle the lighting/bounce would help it, otherwise I'm not sure what difference the engine makes here. (That's typical of UE5 demo projects, of course, people are just porting their existing UE4 projects over and seeing how things would out or how Lumen could change the scene, maybe if Nanite gives a performance boost but most projects aren't built to test the need of that tech.) His UE4 Bioshock project was just fine too, but maybe there are differences to take note of?

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