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Best Dogs In Games


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

In-game companions come in many different shapes and sizes but this video is all about the doggos. Join Persia as she highlights dogs from fan-favorite titles such as Hades, GTA V, Animal Crossing, and many more.

Let’s face it--dogs are amazing and we can never get enough of them. GameSpot very much acknowledges this, which is why we’ve gone ahead and rounded up what we think are the best puppies in gaming for your viewing pleasure.

Join Persia as she guides us through 17 amazing, beautiful puppers seen in video games. Reminisce on wonderful gaming canines such as D-Dog from Metal Gear Solid 5, the loveable Chop from Grand Theft Auto 5, Okami’s majestic Amaterasu and the Kusa 5, or even the three-headed doggo, Cerberus, from Supergiant Games’ Hades.


Patient MembeR

I love you D Dog. Can't think of a single canine that has been a better companion.
Mutt, your dog in Kingdom Come Deliverance is amazing! Once you level up the Houndmaster skill he becomes op. He can hunt hares, deer and even boars, he can attack and distract enemies and so much more. He has saved me countless times in fights when I'm outnumbered. I wish he had been in the base game when I first played the game, you need the A Women's Lot dlc to get access to him.
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